Life Is Too Short to Let Logins Slow You Down

Every time there’s a new hack or breach you think, “Ugh, I really should update my password strategy.” But it’s always: later, tomorrow, another time. “For now, I’ll just keep adding an extra number onto the end of my mom’s maiden name.” We know how it goes. We’ve been there.

But we think it’s time you took the leap. The hour is now. We built Dashlane because we believed the internet was too complicated. We were sick of the complex and ever-changing login requirements, the endless forms, and feeling like we were always one hack away from our information ending up in the wrong hands.

Here’s how you can tackle your password problem now, ensuring every day you spend on the internet is safer, speedier, and a lot less stressful.

We often hear from people that they’re using Apple Keychain or Chrome, so why bother with a password manager? The difference is Dashlane works everywhere, not just on your phone or only a specific browser. With Dashlane you take your passwords with you wherever you go—whether on your PC at work, your Mac at home, or your Android or iPhone. All devices and browsers. No silos. No duplicates. Just one tool that works wherever you’re online.

Think of Dashlane as your internet shortcut. It centralizes all your accounts in one encrypted (super safe!) place and autofills your passwords across the web—making every website go open sesame. No more racking your brain for the make and model of your first car while you stare into an empty form field. It’s time to remove yourself from the infinite loop of password resets.

And all those confusing requirements and special characters? Don’t even worry about it. Dashlane generates strong passwords for you and autosaves them alongside your login details.

But it’s about more than just convenience, because Dashlane also watches out for you online. We’ll send you a security alert if you hold an account with a company that gets breached. Plus, you can enter your email and Dashlane will monitor the dark web and immediately notify you if your information ever shows up there.

Password management is not simply saving a couple of passwords so you don’t have to type them anymore. It’s about taking control of your online life with a clear and accurate view of all your accounts. Your Password Health Score ensures that at any time you can easily see every website you use and how strong your passwords are for each one. You can then update the most important accounts first and tackle the rest at your own pace.

Life is too short to let logins slow you down. If you’re ready to internet unstoppably, you’re ready for Dashlane.


    Dashlane is a web and mobile app that simplifies password management for people and businesses. We empower organizations to protect company and employee data, while helping everyone easily log in to the accounts they need—anytime, anywhere.

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