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Simple Security

The easiest way to think of encryption is that it takes the information on your phone and it translates it into a secret code.

On March 31st, Marriott International notified more than 5 million guests that their personal information was compromised due to a vulnerability in the company’s app.

In the great pantheon of things our phones know about us, our location data is arguably the most sensitive (ill-advised…

Cybersecurity is an issue that impacts every business and individual, and depends on strong technology systems combined with intelligent habits….

The new three inevitabilities in modern life are death, taxes, and losing your phone.

You might open a new browser window in Incognito Mode and think you’ve just vanished under a cloak of darkness…

What the Hack?

Words like malware sound kinda menacing and what in the world could they possibly mean by dead man’s switch? It’s true that the internet can be a little scary, but it shouldn’t be confusing. We enlisted some of our favorite writers to explain the basics.


There are an infinite number of ways to organize your bookmarks, of course, but this should get you off to a very tidy start.

While spending so much time at home lately, I’ve been tackling small projects that my usually hectic schedule doesn’t always allow for.

One place you may not think you can access from home, the library, actually offers plenty of resources that you can take advantage of online.

Some people have minds like steel traps. They can see a place they want to remember, and they just remember…

There is a finite amount of space between your ears, and while it seems as though you can always store…

Smartphones are perfect distraction machines. They bombard us with messages and news updates whether we’re interested or not, and constant…