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Work continues in a crisis. We want to help during these unique times. You take care of yourself, we’ll take care of your passwords.

Simple Security

Two weeks after Bleeping Computer reported that 8 million user records had been posted to a marketplace on the dark web, Home Chef has confirmed the data breach.

EasyJet first became aware of the attack in January, but only notified the 2,208 customers whose credit card details had been stolen last month.

Following suspicious activity on its servers, GoDaddy investigated and confirmed a breach that occurred on October 19, 2019. It is…

Details are emerging about cyberattacks against users of Nintendo’s Switch gaming console, specifically those using the Nintendo Switch Online service.

Half a million Zoom accounts have ended up on the dark web. Here’s what information was exposed and what to do now.

The easiest way to think of encryption is that it takes the information on your phone and it translates it into a secret code.

What the Hack?

Words like malware sound kinda menacing and what in the world could they possibly mean by dead man’s switch? It’s true that the internet can be a little scary, but it shouldn’t be confusing. We enlisted some of our favorite writers to explain the basics.

A Better Web

Spring cleaning is a great reminder to get both our closets and lives in order. We’re sharing our tips to spring clean your digital life in no time.

While we love Dashlane for quickly autofilling online forms with your payment and personal info, we know forms aren’t the only thing slowing you down online.

When thinking about how your online life impacts the earth, there are a couple places to pay attention.

Digital group activities are becoming the new normal—here’s why you should opt in.

There are an infinite number of ways to organize your bookmarks, of course, but this should get you off to a very tidy start.

While spending so much time at home lately, I’ve been tackling small projects that my usually hectic schedule doesn’t always allow for.