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Introducing New and Improved Plans for Our Business Customers

Now with two plans, Business and Team, you can choose the perfect plan for your organization—no matter the size.

Workplace Tips

Like many of us, you’re probably ready to put 2020 behind you. But before you do, don’t miss the opportunity to strengthen your company’s security for the year ahead.

So you want to get a password manager for your company, but your boss—or their boss—is hesitant. Here’s everything you need to…

The more cognizant employees and the general public become about online security risks, the savvier hackers seem to be. As…

Think of your company’s passwords as baby Yodas—they must be protected at all costs. A password is the most crucial…

Call it the password paradox. Passwords were originally developed as a simple way to safeguard sensitive information.

With a larger-than-usual percentage of employees working from home, Slack has gained even more prevalence in our work days—and drawn questions about end-user privacy.

What the Hack

A lump grew in my throat. I’d been conned. More specifically, I’d been phished. And it had nothing to do with the band.

What might be the only thing more frustrating than getting juice jacked? Being the first documented case of it.

What a VPN does is make you anonymous, mysterious, private—masking your location and your data and your browsing activity.

Brute-force attacks are like when you spend five minutes jamming the wrong key into your front door, hoping it might finally work.

Imagine your keyboard gossiping behind your back, spilling your deepest, darkest, and most embarrassing secrets to the world.

If you want to remember the concept behind dead man’s switch, just think of legendary character actor Joe Morton.

Almost 2,000 Accounts Affected in Robinhood Hack, Funds Stolen

What you need to know about the Robinhood hack, which compromised almost 2,000 accounts and led to siphoned customer funds.