WTF happened at Twitter?

Scores of politicians and celebs tweeted out a bitcoin scam. Was it a social engineering attack? We break down the worst security breach in Twitter’s history.

Simple Security

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Instacart denies their systems have been breached, so what happened and what should you do now? We break it down.

In the worst security breach in the history of the company, multiple high-profile Twitter accounts—including President Barack Obama, Joe Biden, Elon Musk, Kanye West, and more—were hacked yesterday with tweets promoting a bitcoin scam sent from all accounts.

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Now that many schools are operating virtually, it’s the perfect time to evaluate your kids’ understanding and awareness of digital privacy, and brush up on your own knowledge.

In 2014, LiveJournal suffered a security breach, which compromised 26+ million user credentials. The breach was not reported, and it appears these credentials have been circulating ever since.

What the Hack?

Words like malware sound kinda menacing and what in the world could they possibly mean by dead man’s switch? It’s true that the internet can be a little scary, but it shouldn’t be confusing. We enlisted some of our favorite writers to explain the basics.

A Better Web

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