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Workplace Tips

Managing team passwords can be an overwhelming task. So how do you make logins simpler for you and your team and create secure business passwords?

Security questions might not be the most effective method of securing access points, but you can learn tips and tricks for making the most of them.

What can your marketing team learn from the Twitter, Facebook, and Canva data breaches?

Our technology and marketing experts use password managers every day. Learn how Dashlane is here to assist you in your technology and security needs.

What is SSO? Learn about the tool that can help users streamline their workflow and improve security. 

Here are the three essential strategies for preventing data breaches and hacks, and other ways to enact damage control. 

What the Hack

Phishing attempt with fishing lure

A lump grew in my throat. I’d been conned. More specifically, I’d been phished. And it had nothing to do with the band.

Juice jacking USB devices

What might be the only thing more frustrating than getting juice jacked? Being the first documented case of it.

Internet user disguised while using VPN

What a VPN does is make you anonymous, mysterious, private—masking your location and your data and your browsing activity.

Laptop experiencing a brute force attack

Brute-force attacks are like when you spend five minutes jamming the wrong key into your front door, hoping it might finally work.

Camera focusing on keyboard

Imagine your keyboard gossiping behind your back, spilling your deepest, darkest, and most embarrassing secrets to the world.


If you want to remember the concept behind dead man’s switch, just think of legendary character actor Joe Morton.

Dashlane’s Web-First Experience

Updating to a Web-First Dashlane Experience

We’re sharing an update that we plan to discontinue support for the Mac and Windows apps. Here’s why—and what you can expect from Dashlane’s web-first experience.