The Hidden Costs of Identity Theft You Didn’t Know

The Hidden Costs of Identity Theft You Didn't Know

Identity theft is a crime in which a criminal acquires and uses someone’s personal information to impersonate someone else, usually for financial gain.

I’m sure you already knew that, yet many of us are still convinced that we’ll never become targets or victims of a cyber attack. With advancing security measures protecting our most sensitive information, we feel safe texting friends account passwords, emailing financial documents that contain your Social Security Number, and storing credit card information on e-commerce websites. Continue Reading →

9 Ways for Savvy Women to Stay Safe Online

As I’ve come to learn, being cautious online is incredibly important for women who are more active on social media, and who, as early as the year 2000, were found to have surpassed men in Internet usage. But it seems like every time I turn around, I see a news story about a major online security breach; passwords were hacked, information is stolen, and sensitive data is compromised.

But this shouldn’t deter me from updating my status on Facebook, shopping online for a new dress, or searching for a new job opportunity. Therefore, I’ve put together a list of nine tips I’ve learned to help other savvy women (like you!) stay safe when using the Internet.

Ways for Women to Stay Safe Online - Online SecurityContinue Reading →