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Quarter in Review: Dashlane’s Q2 Updates, Plus What’s Ahead

This post is also available in: French

We got great feedback about our Q1 review blog post that detailed all the releases, changes, and updates we worked on from January through March of this year. Now that Q2 of 2021 has come to a close, we wanted to give you a similar recap so that you have all your Dashlane news in one spot.

We were busy in Q2, and we’re excited to tell you about it! Browse the expandable sections below to see what we’ve done—and what’s ahead.

Updates for Dashlane business plan admins

CSV export is starting rollout

CSV export is a feature that lets employees export the passwords saved in their Personal Spaces as a .csv (Excel) file. This means an easier time encouraging employees to use one password manager both for work and personal accounts without fear of losing their accounts if they leave the company. In the future, this feature will include all the data in an employee’s Personal Space, like Secure Notes, IDs, and payments.

Active Directory sync bug fix

We’ve debugged a really irksome issue with our Active Directory (AD) sync integration. Previously, if AD accidentally sent fewer usernames than the number of users in the AD, Dashlane would deprovision the “extra” users—far from ideal! We’ve now fixed this glitch so that “extra” users won’t be deprovisioned.

Account Recovery now available everywhere

If you’re the admin of a Dashlane business plan but don’t use our SSO integration, you may worry about employees forgetting their Master Passwords and being locked out of their accounts without a way to reset their passwords. While we’ve had an opt-in, patented, secure Account Recovery feature that solves this problem for a while, it’s now available on the web app, too.

First Customer Town Hall

It was great “seeing” a few hundred of our business customers for our first Customer Town Hall in June! Our CEO, JD Sherman, our CPO, Derek Snyder, and Product Manager Anthony Kocken talked about our company vision and the business product roadmap and demonstrated some exciting autofill improvements. If you missed the event, don’t worry: Here’s a recap of what we discussed and demoed, and we’ll be hosting more in the future.

Updates for all Dashlane users

New features in the web app

Unlock with biometrics

You’ve been able to unlock the Dashlane app on your mobile phone for a long time, and we’re excited to bring that functionality to the web app, too! Read this post for more details on using your computer’s biometrics to unlock Dashlane and make your login and authentication process virtually frictionless.

IDs and What’s New

Full ID storage and autofill functionality is now available in the web app, and we also launched a new way to see recent changes and updates called, creatively, What’s New. You can read about both here.

Sharing Center

We redesigned the Sharing Center to make it simpler and more intuitive to use, and increased the reliability of syncing Secure Notes and other shared items. More here.

Change contact email

You can now change your contact email in the web app! This is the email address that Dashlane will use to contact you about your account. Whether you’re leaving your company and want to continue using your Dashlane account or simply prefer using a different email address to receive Dashlane communications, head to your Account Summary to update this preference.

Master Password reset

We know this is a major one. Yes, you can now reset your Master Password right from the web app. Phew.

Autofill improvements

Machine learning for everyone

We’ve been shouting about our new machine learning engine everywhere we can because the benefits are undeniable: Autofill works about twice as fast as before, and our customers are able to fill out 7.5% more forms than with our previous build. In Q2, we rolled it out to every single customer, new and existing!

New on the mobile apps

Easy action items in Dark Web Monitoring

Not only have we made it easier to find the Dark Web Monitoring feature on Android, but for both Android and iOS, we now give you clear action items in the app to walk you through changing affected passwords manually.

On iOS

Search improvements

Dashlane is getting smarter about showing you what you’re searching for in the app. We now order your search results based on recently searched items and improved the design and criteria for clearer and more accurate suggestions.

Our results? Half of the attempted searches were successful with three or fewer characters typed. That’s 33% better than before! Plus, 80% of customers chose one of the top three results suggested by Dashlane. That’s a 6% bump in Dashlane getting it right.

Password history

You can now see previously generated saved passwords for specific sites and passwords that were previously generated but not saved in your vault. Go to Tools > Password Generator and then tap the little clock/arrow icon in the upper right.

Revamped Password Generator

If you haven’t used the Password Generator in your iOS app lately, and you need a soothing break for your brain, might we suggest playing with the generator’s clearer interface and totally mesmerizing new animation?

(Is it just us Dashlaners that like to look at pretty, randomized passwords when we’re stressed? Oh, ok…)

On Android

Suggested items

A simple but smart improvement. Before, the “suggested items” in your vault were based on their creation/update date. Now, they’re based on what you’ve most recently used. Boom.

Plans & pricing

Our affordable new plan: Essentials

Let’s not forget that we launched a whole new plan this quarter! If you’ve only been using Dashlane Free and haven’t checked out our affordable Essentials plan, give it a look.

Coming soon…

Coming soon to the web app…

Enable and disable 2FA

The team is working now to soon let users enable/disable 2FA in the web app. Initially, we’ll only support OTP (one-time passwords generated with Google Authenticator, Authy, Duo, etc.) and we’ll then explore additional second-factor authentication methods.

VPN access

We’re working with a partner to deliver an entirely new VPN experience. This isn’t just a simple feature addition, and we think you’ll be happier with the VPN experience overall. The current VPN a white-labeled product called Hot Spot Shield, but our new VPN will be a separate, standalone VPN app that your Dashlane plan gives you free access to. When this launches, your credentials and instructions for using the VPN will be available in the web app. Stay tuned!

Shortcuts in the extension window

Mocks only. Subject to change.

We’re working on improvements to the extension window that will allow you one-click access into parts of the web app that were previously behind two clicks, like your payments details and Secure Notes. In the future, we’ll be making updates to allow direct access to more items right in the extension window.

Coming soon on the mobile apps…

Revamping the navigation in iOS

We know it can be annoying when tools and features “move around,” but this navigation revamp is all about saving you taps—which saves you time. By putting the things our customers need most often front and center in the app experience, we’ll be reducing many popular actions to a single tap. (Plus, we want to have the nicest-looking app in the game!)

Mocks only. Subject to change.

Android follow up notifications

Mocks only. Subject to change.

We all know how annoying it is to flip between Dashlane and your phone’s browser or another app in order to copy/paste things Dashlane can’t usually autofill on mobile—like your payment info. We can’t “fix” this completely because our app is limited by what’s allowed in the Google/Android ecosystem. So sometimes, in order to give you the best possible experience with Dashlane, we need to get a little…creative.

When this feature is released, when you’re copy/pasting something from Dashlane like your credit card number, you’ll see a little “follow up” notification. This notification will allow you to copy/paste more of the related information without switching back to the Dashlane app.

Coming soon to autofill…

Adjust-your-own autofill

Who doesn’t love a little customization? Soon, you’ll have the ability to “pause” Dashlane’s autofill wherever you like and to correct a wonky autofilling and have Dashlane remember your preferences. Major.

Mocks only. Subject to change.
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