The tradition of “Spring Cleaning” is a great reminder to get both your closets and lives in order. In today’s world, it’s not enough to keep your physical life clean—digital skeletons can cause infinitely more destruction than a dusty shoe-rack. Recently we’ve seen major data breaches from Yahoo, to Cloudflare to Yahoo again…hopefully convincing you that there is no excuse for risky online behavior.

But, let’s be honest–sometimes, getting your digital life in order can feel overwhelming and time-consuming. Luckily, we can help! We have put together this handy list of easy “Digital Spring Cleaning” tips to help you clean up your digital life in no time….no rubber gloves necessary.

Unsubscribe from Promotional Emails

Does anything feel better than an empty spam folder? Yes—unsubscribing to your spammers so that you never get bothered again. Try this handy tool——that helps you unsubscribe to emails en masse. Gmail and Outlook have useful features as well.

Update and Change Your Passwords

Data breaches can go undetected for months–sometimes years! You should change your passwords at least once a year to protect your important information and identity. Better yet, use Dashlane’s password manager to get the job done for you in minutes. Also, check out our 5-step guide to securing all of your passwords using Dashlane! 

Enable Two-Factor Identification 

After you’ve updated and changed your passwords, set up two-factor authentication (2FA). It’s a feature that adds an additional “factor” to your normal login procedure to verify your identity. 2FA adds an extra layer of security by verifying your identity using two of three possible identifiers: something you know (your password, PIN number, zip code, etc.) something you are (via facial recognition, your fingerprints, retina scans, etc.), or something you have (a smartcard, your smartphone, etc.). Interested in giving 2FA a try? Read our beginner’s guide to using two-factor authentication to protect your passwords!


Delete Old Accounts

The average American has around 100 user accounts—that’s around 100 points of entry for hackers to steal and explore your personal information. Hold your accounts to your digital chest and ask—does this bring me joy?”—If it doesn’t bring you joy OR utility, remove your personal information from the site and press delete. (Sorry Neopets circa 2002, we’re looking at you.)  If you’re having trouble finding your passwords for old accounts you haven’t used in awhile, we have a comprehensive guide for that! 

Clean Up Your Desktop

This is an easy one—putting files into random folders is akin to shoving socks under the bed, it looks better but doesn’t fix the problem. Better to implement a system! We don’t discriminate, here are handy guides for both PC and Mac users.

Ditch Unused Apps

That app that you just had to download…there is a good chance you haven’t touched it since. According to Appboy, fewer than 25 percent of users return to an app after the first time they use it! So do yourself (and your phone storage) a favor and delete apps you’ll never use again.

Looking for a tool to help you get your digital life in order? Get Dashlane–it’s free! Don’t forget about your colleagues! Dashlane Business can help employees at your company or business get their digital lives together. Try it free for 30 days!

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