We’ve all been there, whether it’s at home or in the office. The tedium of filling in online forms, registering for new online services and even typing in passwords can sometimes get a bit much. But how much time do we actually spend on these, let’s be honest, rather mundane online tasks? We delved into the Dashlane data vaults to find out…and found some pretty depressing stats…

It appears that the average online user wastes over 50 hours every year on these tasks, such as filling in forms, remembering passwords and logging into accounts. And with life expectancy rising to over 80 in many countries, this means that those of us who could potentially live until the 22nd Century will spend 333 working days of their lives, executing on these online activities…That’s a lot of holiday time!

The need for constant ‘online admin’ seems to cause quite the cyber-headache. And with over 90% of the world’s online data being created in the last few years alone, everyday internet users could be facing an online overload. In fact, this may already be occurring, as our own research revealing that nearly half of internet users (45%) are already falling out of love with their online lives, saying that instead of freeing them up to spend more time elsewhere, technology takes up too much of their time. Surprisingly, this particularly affects the tech-savvy Millennial generation, with more than three-fifths (62%) of 18-24 year olds expressing this view.

When looking at specific country data, we also uncovered some considerable differences in the websites causing the extra online workload. For example, cash-conscious US internet users spend over a quarter of their time logging into banking websites, the most common type of log-in in the States, compared to those in the UK who only spent 6% of their resources logging in to such services. Instead UK users spent far greater time logging into Social Media, email accounts and shopping sites…its amazing how different nationalities get their kicks!

With so much of our lives now lived out online, there is an ever-growing need for increased productivity and efficiency on the web. Dashlane was created with this in mind, helping its three million users make every task online that much easier. In fact, we have recently completed over $3 billion worth of e-commerce transactions for our users, consisting of over 16 million online transactions.

So, next time you’re trudging through an online form or struggling to find the right debit card to pay for that new pair of jeans online, just think, there must be a better way!

Want to delve into our data a little more? Check out our infographic below showing the findings!