We often get asked, “What if Dashlane gets hacked?” It’s a fair question. While our U.S. patented security architecture is crazy complex (like you want it to be), we’ll try not to geek-out on you too much in this post.  Plus, we included some great tips at the end to help you take even more control over your security.

[Learn how Dashlane’s Master Password keeps you safe, even in the event that Dashlane gets hacked.]

Here are five reasons why your passwords are safe with Dashlane:

  1. We enforce strong password policies for your Master Password. It might not be fun to create a complex Master Password when you create your account, and it might be stressful to know that we can never send it to you or reset it for you if you forget it – but it’s for your own good. There are no Master Password Hints stored ever, let alone where someone could grab them. And you must use a capital letter, number, and 8 characters in your Master Password. It makes everyone inherently safer.
  2. Your Master Password is never stored on our servers. It’s a pillar of our security architecture. Nothing related to your master password ever reaches our servers.  There’s only one key to unlocking your encrypted data. By default, you and only you have it. It’s how we make sure that even if hackers breached our servers, there would be nothing that could tie your information to you.
  3. We use AES-256 encryption, the strongest there is. It’s open-source, meaning anyone can see it’s inner-workings, and still, no one has figured out how to turn AES encrypted data into something readable. And on top of that, we add something called salting to make it even harder to break. If you want to know more (and are on the geeky side) you should read our Security White Paper.
  4. We use AWS servers because they’re the best around. On the security level, there are many advantages to using AWS. One being that you get the full force of Amazon’s 24-7-365 monitoring in addition to our own. Data in the cloud isn’t sitting in one place. It’s scattered, which lowers risk.
  5. We audit our security carefully, like the IRS does taxes. We hire good guys who try to break Dashlane before the bad ones do. They do this within our software and our business.

Using Dashlane today is the best way to protect your digital identity, unless you are willing to completely stop using the Internet. We know that’s not the right solution!

We built Dashlane to be the best, most secure place for people and businesses to manage their online identity, so that you can sleep at night.  And, that’s why we don’t take any shortcuts when it comes to keeping you safe.

To increase your online security even more, we advise you to use the 2-factor authentication feature that you can enable in your settings.