Living in the safest place in the UK has long been an accolade worth bragging about. However what about the safest place to live “online”? Quaint little towns from the Cotswolds to the Scottish borders have won numerous awards for having the lowest crime rates, however what happens when we take our online security into account?

At Dashlane, we decided to uncover which town in the UK has the best online security in our inaugural Dashlane UK Password Watch. And what we found was rather surprising…

It turns out that when it comes to password security, the North wipes the floor with the South.

The research found that northern cities dominated the top rankings of password scores, with no southern cities even making the top 10. Derby came out on top, with Newcastle, Leeds, Manchester and Aberdeen completing the top five.

For the UK Password Watch, Dashlane analysed strictly anonymised security scores, based on intelligent algorithms, from over 17,000 of its most active users in the UK and Ireland. These scores are based on the strength and diversity of users’ online passwords and help to expose their risks of being hacked.

Oxford was the top ranked southern town (12th), while tech hubs such as London and Bristol only received mid-table rankings – 15th and 16th respectively. When the regions of England were taken into the account, the South-East and South-West were found to have the weakest passwords.

When looking at the average password strength across the home nations, Ireland and Scotland shared the honours as the nations with the best password security. Northern Ireland collected the ‘wooden spoon’, with England and Wales finishing mid-table.

Take a look at the full rankings below to see where your town placed. Does it fill you with pride to be in the UK’s online security elite? Or, does your town need to wise up to the threats online?

Ranking City Password Strength Score
1 Derby 60.8 (out of 100)
2 Newcastle Upon Tyne 60.7
3 Leeds 60.6
4 Manchester 60.3
5 Aberdeen 60.3
6 Wakefield 60.0
7 Sheffield 60.0
8 Birmingham 59.8
9 Swansea 59.2
10 Coventry 58.8
11 Edinburgh 58.6
12 Oxford 58.3
13 Glasgow 58.3
14 Stoke-on-Trent 57.8
15 London 57.3
16 Bristol 56.2
17 Brighton 55.1
18 Exeter 55.0
19 Cardiff 54.8
20 Leicester 54.7
21 Norwich 54.7
22 Liverpool 54.3
23 Nottingham 54.2
24 Bradford 53.8
25 Wolverhampton 53.3
26 Belfast 53.3
27 Bolton 53.2
28 Southampton 52.1
29 Wigan 51.0
30 Sunderland 49.8