Welcome to The Dashlane Tech Check for March 3, 2017!  I’ll help you catch up on Dashlane-related news and the big news in the tech industry. And just for fun, I’ll include a useful lifehack that will keep you safe and secure all year long.

What in the (Security) World?

Here’s what made headlines this week in the world of digital identity, security, and privacy:

Another Yahoo data breach affected 32 million accounts


If you thought two mega data breaches at Yahoo in the same year was bad, think again! According to the Reuters, a new Yahoo data breach was quietly disclosed in a SEC 10-K filing last October. In the filing, Yahoo admits that around 32 million user accounts were accessed using forged cookies in between 2015 and 2016. Forged cookies allow a hacker to access an account with a password. Read more.

FCC chairman Ajit Pai allows ISPs to sell your data without permission

Newly appointed Federal Communications Commission (FCC) chairman Ajit Pai suspended a set of privacy rules that would restrict Internet Service Providers from selling your personal data for marketing or advertising purposes without your consent. Pai suspended the privacy rules, saying it favored tech giants like Google and Facebook over internet providers like Comcast and Verizon. Read more.

Amazon AWS S3 outage caused widespread issues for websites and apps

On Tuesday, Amazon’s S3 web-based storage service suffered an outage due to “high error rates”, impacting sites like Quora, Business Insider, Giphy, Slack, and IoT hardware. Ars Technica revealed yesterday that the glitch was caused by a command line mistake during maintenance. Read more.

VP Mike Pence used personal email for state business — and was hacked


In an ironic twist of events, The Indianapolis Star reports that Vice President Mike Pence used a personal AOL to conduct official business in his former position as the governor of Indiana, according to public records. NPR reports that Pence used his account to discuss issues related to “homeland security in Indiana and the security of the gates at the governor’s mansion”. It was also discovered that Pence’s AOL account was compromised by a standard phishing attack in late spring of 2016. Read more.

Breach Alerts

‘Smart” Teddy Bear Leaked 2 Million Parent and Kids Message Recordings

CloudPets, a company that sells internet-connected teddy bears exposed more than 800,000 emails and passwords, and 2 million message recordings on the Internet from December 25 to the first week of January. Read more.

Coachella alerts website users of significant data breach

Coachella Music & Arts Festival emailed users, stating that hackers gained access to the usernames, first and last names, shipping addresses, email addresses, phone numbers and dates of birth from 950,000 accounts. Although no payment information was compromised in the breach, NPR confirms that the data is being sold on the dark web. Read more.

Boeing employee sets off security breach of 36,000 workers’ data

HRDrive.com is reporting that a Boeing employee accidentally sent his spouse a spread sheet with employees’ names, Social Security numbers, birthdates and code numbers.  Boeing is offering affected employees free credit monitoring. Read more.

Dashlane News You Shouldn’t Snooze

Dashlane CEO Emmanuel Schalit interviewed by Nasdaq Disruptors

Nasdaq Disruptors published a dedicated video and interview transcript of their interview with Dashlane’s CEO Emmanuel Schalit about password management best practices. Watch the video below, or click here to read the full transcript.

This Week’s Lifehack to Improve Your Security

In the wake of Cloudbleed, are you absolutely sure that all of your passwords can withstand a cyber attack? In this blog post, we show you how to use Dashlane’s Security Dashboard to sort through weak, reused, old, or compromised passwords, monitor the strength of your passwords, and improve your overall Security Score in no time! Click here to read more.

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