A 5-step Guide to Checking ‘Secure My Passwords’ Off Your Resolution List


With each coming year, we make a list of overwhelming resolutions but tend to skip the part where we map out a feasible strategy to get there. Like 6-pack abs, you won’t get a clean security slate overnight. With all of the recent (and massive) security breaches, there is no better time to take charge of your online security than now. Not to worry, we have a quick, step-by-step guide to getting ALL of your passwords secure and accessible to you!

1. Get yourself a password manager.

Taking the leap on a password manager is half the battle but if you’ve already downloaded Dashlane, you can skip this step! If you’re new to Dashlane, you can download it for free here.

Once your download is complete, make sure you added our browser extensions during this step. We’ll touch on why this is especially important below.

2. Round up your current passwords and store them in Dashlane.

Overwhelmed at the sound of that? Don’t worry, we’ve made things really easy for you. Since there’s a good chance you have a lot of risky passwords stored in your browsers, let’s import them to Dashlane where they’ll be protected by a Master Password only you will know. 

To import your passwords from your browser, open your desktop app, click on the “File” tab, scroll to “Import Passwords” and then select the browser of your choice. You also have the choice to import all or some of your saved passwords from your browser. That’s it!

Importing Passwords GIF

3. Keep creating stronger passwords for all of your new accounts.

Password Generator - Dashlane

The average number of online accounts we possess is slated to DOUBLE every five years making password managers that much more appealing.

When signing up for a new account, our Password Generator will appear with the option to generate and store a strong, unique password in Dashlane — without ever leaving the sign-up page. It sounds easy because it is!

4. Use our Security Alerts to keep yourself one step ahead of hackers.

Aside from the major data breaches and cyber attacks at Yahoo, LinkedIn, MySpace, and Tumblr, consumers are rarely informed about every cyber attack that could affect one or more of their online accounts.

Luckily, with Dashlane you’ll receive Security Alerts as soon as a data breach or hack puts one or more of your passwords in danger. Better yet, if you’ve reused a compromised password on other accounts, our Security Dashboard will also identify those accounts as compromised.

Dashlane Security Alerts

 5. Get in the habit of monitoring password health over time.

Dashlane's Security Dashboard

Now that your passwords are safely stowed away in Dashlane, you should remember to continue monitoring your password health over time. Because we know your time is valuable, we’ve made doing so pretty effortless.

The Security Dashboard in your desktop app will display your Security Score. This score indicates, on a scale of 0-100, how your password security measures up. Below that, you’ll see a Detailed Password Analysis of your total accounts and how many are protected with weak, reused, old, or compromised passwords.

Safety Level and Password Strength indicate which passwords you should seriously consider changing. With our Password Changer tool, you can generate and replace a weak password on the spot for hundreds of websites, look for the “Auto-replace now” option.


There’s no better time to get started than now! Click here to download Dashlane if you haven’t done so. If you’re already a Dashlane user, take the next step by simply adding your passwords to your password manager.  You can also visit our Help Center for more information on how to manually add credentials.

Click the button below to get started!

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  • Marc Moreels

    I very much enjoy using Dashlane for all of my internet sites. I refrain from using extremely complicated passwords only because I need to recall them when using apps like banking apps, airline apps and the like on my iPhone. Is Dashlane working on implementing improvements to include apps as well?

    • Dashlane has mobile apps already.

    • Hey Marc!

      As WorkToUnite mentioned, we do have an iOS app available! You should give it a try. You can find it in the App Store.

      Also, if you’re interested, we have another blog post with a pretty cool trick that will help you remember a complicated password. You can read it here: https://blog.dashlane.com/password-mnemonics/

      We’re always working on improvements to our app, and we welcome any feedback from our users to help us do that! We usually announce updates to our app on our blog, too! Stay tuned!

      • Dawn Shu

        But you have to use the ‘browser’ in the Dashlane app, so you can’t link through emails, etc. When will I be able to have Dashlane log me into a website through Safari on my iPhone?

      • Marc Moreels

        Thank you for your response. I do use the Dashlane app on my iPhone but it won’t log me into other iPhone apps – I have to be on Safari or Chrome. That’s really what I was asking.

        • Hi Marc! Thanks for clarifying. We do support auto-login in select apps, but we rely heavily on the developers of those apps to support Dashlane. If there’s an app not included on our list, we highly encourage you to reach out to them about supporting Dashlane!

          In the meantime, you can learn more about the apps we do currently support, as well as how to enable in-app login via Dashlane here: https://support.dashlane.com/hc/en-us/articles/205905941

          • Marc Moreels

            Thanks very much.

  • Dave Lamont

    When will Dashlane be compatible with Microsoft Edge? At the present time, no extension exists for Edge…and Edge is an up-and-coming brower, faster than Chrome…but without an extension, Edge is useless to me. Let’s do this!

    • Jim Ashworth

      +1 on this issue. I too, like Edge. When is this supposed to happen?

      • Hey Jim!

        Thanks for chiming in. As I mentioned to Dave above, we don’t have an ETA at this time, but it is a work in progress! We hope it’ll be available as soon as possible! We appreciate your patience in the meantime.



    • Hi Dave!

      We don’t have an answer for that at this time. There are limitations in how Edge handles extensions that require extensive development work to maintain the strong security and ease of use our customers expect from Dashlane. It’s a work in progress and we look forward to offering support as soon as we can.