A Parent’s Guide to App Permissions: Are Your Kids’ Favorite Apps Accessing Their Data Without Your Knowledge?

App Permissions in Pokemon Go

In the wide world of apps, Pokémon GO is the latest craze. According to DMR, it took this app only 13 hours after launch to make its way to the top of the chart of highest-grossing apps in the United States. In many cases, users were so excited to get started with Pokémon GO that they didn’t worry about the app’s permission settings while it was being installed. However, unlike most other websites and applications that only request permissions for a few things, blogger Adam Reeve points out the Pokémon GO receives full access to your Google account – and it took it without even asking you. According to Google, this gives Pokémon GO the ability to “see and modify nearly all information in your Google Account.”Continue Reading →

The Birds, Bees, and Facebook: How to Have the Tech Talk with Your Kids

The Birds, Bees, and Facebook: How to Have the Tech Talk with Your Kids

From the pre-game motivational chat to the first day of school pep talk, as parents, we often have special chats with our children to make sure they’re prepared to manage any challenge or obstacle that lies ahead.

The same holds true when parents want to sit down and have “The Tech Talk” with their kids. “The Tech Talk” should be a series of open dialogues with your children about how to protect their tech gadgets, learning together about new apps and websites, and offering advice on how to properly manage their digital footprints.Continue Reading →

The Dangers of Workplace Connectivity You Ought to Know

Cloud storage tools, social networks, and chat apps have improved our work and personal lives; allowing real-time connectivity and electronic file sharing from your computer, tablet, or phone. These capabilities have effectively changed the way individuals and businesses operate by encouraging collaboration, storing and sharing data, and improving communication. However, with the benefits of connectivity

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