What is the Internet of Things and How Safe Is It?

What is the Internet of Things and How Safe Is It?

Back in prehistoric times, cave people must have gazed at a fire with wonder while thinking, “Is it safe?” The answer, of course, was “It depends.” Safety precautions are necessary for every new tool.

Today, if you use any kind of digital technology connected via wireless technology to the Internet, including cell phones, computers, pet webcams, thermostats or TVs, the likelihood is that you have heard the phrase “Internet of Things.”

The phrase “Internet of Things” reappeared during coverage of last week’s DDoS attacks on major websites, including Twitter, Amazon, Github, and Reddit. This post will explain what is the Internet of Things (IoT), and also ask if it’s safe. 

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What is a Man-in-the-Middle Attack?

Man-in-the-Middle attacks

Last year, news broke of a security flaw on dating website, Match.com, leading to tens of millions of the dating websites users’ passwords potentially being at risk.

This was due to the site not using HTTPS encryption so the emails addresses and passwords of users logging into the site could potentially be stolen by anyone on the same Wi-Fi network as them. Anyone using their m=Match.com account while, say, using a public network in a café, could have been at risk.

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11 Things Employees Won’t Miss After Using a Password Manager

What Your Employees Won't Miss After Using a Password Manager

When it comes to passwords, most of your employees believe they are protected by storing countless iterations of username and password combinations in their heads—but with password rules becoming increasingly complex, it’s becoming nearly impossible to rely on memory these days. Faced with multiple complex passwords to remember, employees resort to pen and paper—or worse, to ill-considered “remember this password” functions on their computer or smartphone using apps that simply weren’t built to function as a password manager.Continue Reading →

5 Things Your New Employees Need to Know About Cyber Security from Week One

5 Things Your New Employees Need to Know About Cyber Security from Week One

If you’re a CEO or IT administrator, you’ll need to spruce up on cyber security training before indoctrinating new hires. If the latest Yahoo data breach proved anything, it’s that today’s cyber threats are terrifyingly real.

That said, 2016 has come with a slew of new cyber threats and surprising avenues of danger. If there’s anything business operators now understand, it’s that no company is safe from data breaches. Today’s hackers are breaching enterprises at their weakest point: their employees. To ensure your company’s protection from cyber threats, you’ll need to strike out negligence among employee and boost their understanding of password and cyber security.

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