A Skeptic’s Guide to Password Managers and Security


You’ve probably seen password managers advertised on tech blogs and magazines, security forums, digital ads, etc. and immediately thought:

“That’s a goldmine for hackers!”

“Is this thing really safe and secure?”

“Why would I put all my passwords in a third-party app?”

I hear you! You have every right to learn exactly why you can trust any app that asks to store your passwords and private personal information. Let’s take some time to address your concerns about password managers.

For those who have absolutely no idea what a password manager is, how it works, or worry that the government is looking for a way to spy on you, I wrote this blog post just for you!

Let’s get right to it!

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Can You Trust Your Brain to Remember All of Your Passwords?

Can you remember your passwords?

The theory goes – if you want to be truly certain that your passwords are not lost or stolen, make sure they are only stored in your head.

From your personal email accounts to the computer system in your car, hackers can disrupt your life and steal valuable information from just about any device with an Internet connection. With more devices connected to the Internet than ever before, the only logical place to keep your passwords and information safe is in the your brain, right?

There are many questions and answers inside this theory, but for now, let’s focus on this one: Can you rely on your memory to store all of your passwords? In sum, your passwords depend on your fallible human memory, and with the increasing complexity and quantity of passwords, it’s almost impossible for us to remember all of your passwords.

Here’s a few reasons why relying on your memory could compromise your security.

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13 Ways You (and Your Accountant) Can Avoid Security Headaches at Tax Time

It's Tax Time! 13 Ways You (And Your Accountant) Can Avoid Security Headaches at Tax Time

It’s the most dreaded time of the year: Tax Day is almost here! But it’s more like Christmas for identity thieves. Between visits to your accountant, working full-time, and scavenging for financial documents, we often put security on the back burner during tax season. We often don’t think about secure passwords while filing our taxes online, or the dangers of emailing your accountant financial documents containing your social security number, or know exactly who has access to your key accounts.

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