Wins last Sunday propelled the Seahawks, Packers, Patriots and Colts one-step closer to Super Bowl glory. Two of these cities, Green Bay and New England, are also still in contention for the Dashlane Cup for having the best password security.

Let’s jump right into the data and see if they make it to the Password Bowl.



The Dashlane Cup Conference Championships have Carolina-Green Bay and Denver-New England squaring off one another.

These four teams advanced out of the Divisional Round last week by having a greater number of Dashlane generated passwords. The winner of this week’s matchup will be determined by each cities’ percentage of re-used passwords.

The city whose users have a lower average percentage of  re-used passwords will advance.

Why does the lower percentage advance? Because re-using passwords is a very bad idea. The greatest risk from doing so is that hackers only need access to one of the accounts you reuse passwords for in order to be able to access all of them. Most people will also reuse the same login email/screenname for multiple accounts which makes the job for cyber-criminals even easier.

With that in mind, let’s compare the final four cities and see who is advancing to Dashlane Bowl II!



The Packers handily defeated the Panthers in the NFC matchup as the citizens of Wisconsin only re-used 39.5% of their passwords compared to the 44.2% of the people of Charlotte had. On the AFC side, the Patriots will advance to the the Dashlane Bowl as they eked out a win by 0.5% over the Broncos.

Unlike last week, where there were no obvious correlations between our findings and population, the results this week clearly show that the larger populations came out on top in regards to these specific criteria.

For the sake of comparison let’s see how the teams remaining in the real NFL playoffs fared,


The data show that the Patriots remained victorious with a larger margin of victory over the Colts than they had over the Broncos. The Packers, however, were narrowly defeated by the people of Seattle who only reused 38.9% of their passwords.

Here’s where the Dashlane Bowl bracket stands after the Conference Championships:



The Password Bowl II matchup is set with New England and Green Bay battling for the Dashlane Cup. The titillating aspect of this matchup is that it could potentially mirror the Super Bowl if the Packers and Patriots win this weekend.

Speaking of which, it’s time for game predictions. At Dashlane, we’re all about accountability, which is why I’ll readily admit my  predictions last week stank. The New England pick was correct,but with the exception of the epically close Dallas-Green Bay game, the others were complete flops (looking at you Peyton and Cam). The staff, on the other, hand was correct in in picking 3/4 conference finalists.

Thankfully this weekend’s selections are much easier.

Seattle 23 – Green Bay 14

Seattle has more momentum than any of the remaining teams, and its crowd and defense will be too much for the Packers to overcome. Aaron Rodgers is also clearly less than 100%, a factor that does not bode well for a shaky Green Bay team that was nearly knocked out at home last week.

New England 34 – Indianapolis 20

New England, and all of their questionable tactics, will be too strong on all sides of the ball for Indianapolis. If the Colts can make the game a high-scoring shootout they’ll have a slight chance to advance, otherwise expect to see New England in place to lose yet another Super Bowl :-).

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Disclaimer: The study is based on anonymous aggregated data from random accounts of Dashlane users. The user data was completely anonymous and no Dashlane employee was able to view any individual account details. For more information on Dashlane’s privacy policy please click HERE.