#TravelTuesday Tips - Dashlane Password Manager

The sun is out, the temperature is rising, and sunscreen is flying off the shelves. It’s finally summer!! If you’re starting your summer travel, hopefully, you’ll go disconnect from the Internet and other distracting technology for most of the time.

But sometimes, you need to use your phone or computer because of convenience or necessity. After all, that’s why we have the technology! In these instances, it’s great to be able to get online and do what you need to quickly, so you can get back to what you want to do! Here are some of our summer travel tips to help you to that:

Travel light!

All new Dashlane for iPhone and iPad

With our brand-new iPhone app, you can access your personal information, make purchases, and use Dashlane on your phone as quickly and easily as you can on your laptop. So, leave you clunky laptop at home or in your hotel room this weekend, and travel lightly this summer with Dashlane in your pocket.

Complete last-minute purchases quickly!

So you forgot to order your mom’s birthday present before you left for vacation, or you realize you need socks for your hiking trip, but left them at home, or maybe you’ve decided to take a last-minute trip! It happens! Dashlane’s Digital Wallet can help you make purchases in seconds, so you can buy your mom her present, get your socks delivered to your campsite or get on that last-minute flight tonight!

Take your vacation To-Do lists with you!

Dashlane Secure Notes

We all do the “phone, keys, wallet” check before we leave our houses, so you can start your day with everything intact. When you travel, it’s even more important to remember you valuables. Use our secure notes to jot down your packing list! You can also use our notes feature to keep a running list of all the sights you want to see while you’re away.

Save all your receipts and keep tabs on your spending!

Dashlane Digital Wallet Reciepts

Time flies when you’re having fun! With everything stored in one place, you surely won’t miss a minute of fun! Our automatic receipt tracking makes it easy to keep tabs on expenses incurred while traveling, so you have one less thing to worry about on your summer travel.

What other ways have you used Dashlane to streamline your travel experiences? Share your summer travel tips with us!