After much anticipation, Apple announced a release date for iOS 8 yesterday. September 17th is the big day! Now that Dashlane’s iOS 8 app is in review with Apple, we want to let you know what amazing new features are coming your way very soon!

Here are three brand new features you can expect from Dashlane’s iOS 8 app:

The Dashlane Safari extension
With the new Dashlane extension in Safari, you’ll be able to auto-log in to your websites and autofill forms in Safari on your iPhone and iPad.

dashlane_ipad_safariextensionHere’s how it works:

Dashlane + Touch ID
With Dashlane and Touch ID, you can log in to Dashlane using your fingerprint instead of having to type your Master Password or PIN code. Set it up once (shown below), and you’re good to go.


The Dashlane App Extension
iOS 8 has an incredible feature called App Extensions. By using the Dashlane App Extension, developers can eliminate manual data entry at account creation, login, and form filling in their apps.

As a user, it means that creating accounts, logging in, and filling forms in your apps could be as easy to do as it is in your browser. Here’s a a sneak-peak of what that looks like:

Developers can find documentation on our App Extension here. If you want to see Dashlane working with your favorite apps, feel free to send your favorite apps a message about it.

Once iOS 8 is released on September 17th, we expect Dashlane’s iOS 8 app to be available in the iTunes Store within mere days after that. We’ll be waiting with bells on! How about you?