You’ve heard it before—you should use a password manager. A password manager helps you create strong, complex passwords, which are much safer than reusing the same weak passwords across all websites.

But did you know that a password manager makes using the internet easier in a lot of other ways, too?

  • When signing up for a new account, it will generate a new, strong password for you and save it for the next time you log in.
  • Speaking of logins, a password manager stores your username and password combinations for all the websites and apps you use and automatically logs you in on your computer or phone in a single tap. You’ll never have to click “Forgot my password” again.
  • You can also choose to save and autofill all your relevant personal information on checkout pages, like your name, address, payment info, passport details, and more.
  • By syncing your password manager across all your devices, you can have all your passwords and important personal and payment information exactly where and when you need it.

With all your passwords and private data securely in one place, you can have peace of mind no matter where your browsing takes you.

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Password managers like Dashlane remember, organize, and autofill all your passwords for you by storing them in a secure, virtual vault. Dashlane makes it easy to get complex, randomized—and therefore strong—passwords for every new account.

With a password manager, you only need to remember one password—the master password that unlocks your vault. And since you don’t have to remember passwords anymore, you can use the password manager’s generator tool to update your weak passwords to strong, randomized ones over time.

But how secure is Dashlane?

As secure as it gets. Dashlane uses something called “zero-knowledge architecture,” which means that your master password is never stored or transmitted online, and not even their engineers have access to it. Dashlane secures all data using the highest level of encryption available, which also protects you from phishing or remote attacks.

What happens if Dashlane is hacked?

If Dashlane is hacked, it would be like breaking into a bank building but having no access to the individual vaults inside, because no one knows your master password. You’re protected from every angle.

Does it just remember my passwords, or is there more?

There’s more! Dashlane syncs your data across devices in real time and can also autofill your shipping address and credit card information to make online shopping easier than ever. It even allows you to share passwords with friends and family without ever revealing them.

Dashlane will also notify you if there’s been a security breach at a company you have an account with and will prompt a two-click password change, so you won’t have to pay for someone else’s mistake.

Why is Dashlane better than the rest?

It’s free! And it’s trusted by 10 million users worldwide, so they’re doing something right. Give them a try today, and take control of your digital security the easy way.

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