Had enough trying to remember all of your passwords? Ready to get more secure and protect your accounts without hassle? The best way to do both is by using a password manager. You’ll wonder how you ever lived without it.

And sure, we could tell you all about how Dashlane is the best password manager, but we thought maybe we’d let our users do the talking. After all, word of mouth is the most effective form of marketing! Check out why real users and reviewers love Dashlane.

Our promise to you: All our reviews are 100% verbatim from verifiable sources and not altered except for length.

They love that they can use us anywhere

“Dashlane is easy to use. I love that I can use it on my desktop computer, iPad and Android phone. And everything stays synced! Thank you Dashlane!” – Google Play Store Review from ‘jfg299’

“I’ve used pretty much every password management tool out there and as someone who is using multiple devices on different OSs, Dashlane is excellent. ” -Christopher Schrader, CEO at GraphEQ

They love our intuitive, robust features

“I have been a pre-beta user and It has constantly improved. It detects forms at about a 98% rate and populates with appropriate data. Created site independent and high quality passwords and also offers a password auto-replace for about 60% of the 300 sites I have saved in the app. Dashlane is no less than amazing.” -Jason Amos

“Dashlane has figured out how to automatically create strong, unique passwords for a bunch of different websites, all at once […] Rarely does tech make our lives easier and safer at the same time.” -Geoffrey Fowler, Technology Columnist at The Wall Street Journal

They love using us in their businesses

“The best platform to maintain my passwords for my business without worrying about losing written passwords.” – App Store Review from ‘Daviddsj’

We use Dashlane in our org and we simply love it. Very user-friendly and take security very seriously. Most of our users who used 1password or LastPass were skeptical at first, but completely switched after day’s use and never looked back. They were, to a person, overwhelmingly happy with Dashlane.
Chad Hudson, IT Professional on Spiceworks

They love that we’re not…the other guys

“I’ve switched from LastPass to Dashlane and I am absolutely in love. The design, the ease of use, the features, the speed. It’s all spot on. Nice work guys!” -Sorin Amzu

I’ve used every password manager on the market, and finally settled with Dashlane. I got the 5 year plan, because it’s so awesome […] I highly recommend it. I don’t know why it isn’t more popular.” -Michael Musgrove

Andrew Borovsky, Head of Product at Cadre (and former Director of Product at Square)

They even love us in other languages

But you don’t just have to take their—or our—word for it. You can see for yourself why Dashlane is the best password manager by downloading a free 30-day trial of Dashlane Premium.

And if you already have Dashlane and love it, comment below! We always enjoy hearing from users like you.