New and Improved Password Changer: Bridging the Gap Between Security and Convenience

Dashlane's password changer

We’re excited to announce our completely refactored Password Changer, now available in beta on all platforms. This overhaul is a foundational first step to making it easier to update your passwords whenever the need arises. Keep reading for a behind-the-scenes look at how we built it and where we plan to go next. 

We are progressively rolling out Password Changer to all customers, but if you want to ensure you get early access to this and all our newest features, you can sign up for our beta program. 

Sometimes you need to change passwords in a pinch. Maybe an account has been breached or you were previously sharing a password with someone and want to ensure they no longer have access to that account. While our features already help with a wide variety of password management issues, until recently we couldn’t solve for these scenarios—which is why we rebuilt Password Changer from the ground up. With improved reliability, coverage, and long-term plans, Password Changer can help solve a significant need for people in both their personal and professional lives.  

gif of password changer on Dashlane's new browser extension


Password Changer updates passwords the same way you would: logging in to a website, going to your account settings, confirming your old password, and finally creating and saving a new password. But instead of you having to follow all these steps, Password Changer is completely automated, so you don’t even have to leave the Dashlane app. To achieve this level of automation and compatibility across a wide range of websites, our team faced the difficult task of considering many different password reset flows.

Improved feedback 

One of the limitations of our legacy Password Changer was the lack of feedback on why it failed. Sometimes changing a password requires adding in a 2FA code (you can store and autofill 2FA codes in Dashlane by the way!) or validating you’re a human by filling out a Captcha. And occasionally, someone might save an incorrect credential in Dashlane, which means Password Changer wouldn’t be able to successfully log in to the website to update the password.  

Now, in the (rare) event that Password Changer can’t get the job done, you’ll know why. 

What’s coming next? 

We are launching Password Changer in beta so we can gather feedback and build the best product experience before releasing it widely. Leading up to the general launch, we’re exploring how to consistently add new compatible websites, the ways business users can get the most out of this feature, and the situations when Password Changer is most valuable to you—whether in response to a breach or revoking shared access. In short? This is just the beginning.  

If you’re an existing Dashlane Teams or Dashlane Business customer and want to suggest websites for us to prioritize, you can do so here. And to ensure you are the first to access Dashlane’s newest features and latest improvements, sign up for the beta program.

P.S. Want to read more about how we built Password Changer? Check out our blog post from Jonathan on the Engineering team that goes into more detail!

    Graham Shorr

    Director of Product Marketing

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