Are Collaboration Tools and Apps Leaving Your Business Vulnerable to Data Breaches?

Are Collaboration Tools and Apps Leaving Your Business Vulnerable to Data Breaches? - Blog Post Header

Collaboration tools and apps have made the world a smaller place, allowing for real-time connectivity and electronic file sharing between anyone with internet access, from anywhere in the world, via computer, tablet, or smartphone. These capabilities have effectively changed the way organizations conduct business, streamlining tasks and projects that would otherwise require manual processes and, in many cases, take significantly longer to complete. However, with the benefits of connectivity comes the inevitable risk of enterprise security issues and data breaches.Continue Reading →

Back-to-School: Are Your Kids’ Favorite Websites Keeping Them Safe?

Are Your Kid's Favorite Websites Keeping Them Safe? The Top 10 Most Popular Kid's Websites with Safe Password Practices

As a parent, you want to make sure that your kids are fully prepared before the first day of school. Aside from clothes, shoes, and school supplies, a brand-new laptop or smartphone might be on your back-to-school shopping list. Before you purchase that laptop or smartphone for your child, take a look at our list of the top ten most popular kids’ websites with safe password practices. Continue Reading →

What you should know about Dashlane’s patented security architecture

Patented Security Architecture

Security at Dashlane has always been a very strong focus of our Engineering team. As a leading password manager, Dashlane is responsible for the safety of the data of millions of users. In order to protect our user’s’ data, we take security into account at every stage of our software development, including the design of our architecture, coding and code reviews, tests, and security audits; security is also a major factor in our product specification, design, communication, and documentation.Continue Reading →