Whether you’re ordering flowers for Mother’s Day or getting ahead on holiday shopping, Dashlane’s Digital Wallet makes online shopping a breeze. We don’t mean to brag but Dashlane has the only secure digital wallet that works on every website! No more storing your payment details on sites you don’t completely trust.

If you’re ready to stop typing credit card details over and over again, I’ll show you how to add payment types to your Dashlane wallet, use it to checkout (quickly) and access your saved receipts. Ready? Let’s go!

How to add a payment into Dashlane Wallet

You can add unlimited credit cards and accounts (even PayPal) to your digital wallet and access them whenever you’d like. We’ll even remind you when your cards are about to expire. To add a payment to Dashlane, follow these three steps:

Step 1: Open Dashlane’s ‘Payments’ section.

Step 2: Click ‘Add New’ button or (+) on mobile to select payment type.

Step 3: Fill in your payment details, select a color code if you wish and submit!

Note: If you’re a member of a Dashlane Business team, you can assign that card to your Personal or Business Space.

Adding a payment to Dashlane's digital wallet

How to checkout with Dashlane’s Digital Wallet

When you’re ready to checkout, let us take it from there. We’ll securely fill in your payment details with the saved credit card of your choice. Checking out with Dashlane is as easy as 1,2,3: 

Step 1: Look for our blue impala icon in the payment fields of the checkout page.

Step 2: Click the impala icon to view your saved payment options.

Step 3: Select account you want to use for this purchase and watch Dashlane fill in the rest!

Note: For your security, Dashlane will ask you to enter your Master Password before auto filling any credit card information.

How to add or access Receipts from your Digital Wallet purchase

Another perk of using Dashlane’s Wallet is that we keep up with your receipts and store them safely in Dashlane.  To access your receipts in Dashlane: 

Step 1: After purchase, Dashlane will ask if you’d like to save your receipt.

Step 2: If you selected yes, your purchase receipt will be stored to Dashlane.

Step 3: To view the saved receipt, simply go to the ‘Receipts’ section of the app.

Note: To manually add a receipt, select “Add new” and fill out the required receipt details.

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