Hold on to your hats, ladies and gents. We have BIG news!

Remember all those times you needed to update all your passwords following a breach like Heartbleed or CyberVor? Experts advised you to change all your passwords. But how in the world can you change a hundred or so passwords without it taking hours?

Today we introduce Password Changer, a groundbreaking feature that saves you loads of time spent changing passwords manually. With one click in Dashlane, Password Changer updates your passwords on sites and saves in Dashlane, automatically!

We’re launching Password Changer in beta starting today!

Sign up to get early access to Password Changer in Dashlane, then share your signup to move up the list and get it faster! We’ll start activating Password Changer for users every week until we launch it publicly.

password changerLaunching Password Changer is big news for Dashlane in more than one way. We’ve teamed up with Passomatic, our first acquisition, to build Password Changer. The result is awesome – it’s simple, secure and works flawlessly. (It has that good ol’ Dashlane-user experience!)

With Password Changer, you have the option change some or all of your passwords in a click. See the full list of supported sites here. And it’s already working like a charm on 75+ sites, including Amazon, Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, PayPal, Twitter and Yahoo!.

But you don’t have to take our word for it. Password Changer is taking the press by storm, too! Here are some of our favorite quotes:

  • “Dashlane changed 34 of my passwords in under 5 minutes. Letting it tackle that drudgery saved me hours.” – Geoffrey A. Fowler, The Wall Street Journal
  • “Dashlane now includes a big green “change all passwords” button; click it, and it will replace your existing passwords with ones that are unique and randomly generated.” – Casey  Newton, The Verge
  • “I’ve wanted something like this since Heartbleed.” – Nathaniel Mott, Pando Daily

And if you want to know what it feels like to change your passwords in one click, watch Bill (and his dog) change 80 passwords in less than 60 seconds.

Feel free to share your questions or thoughts in the comments. Enjoy!