We’ve been waiting with bells on for our iOS 8 app to make it to your iPhones and iPads. The big day is finally here! (Get Dashlane for iOS 8!) Here’s what’s new:

The Dashlane Safari extension for iOS 8
Use the Dashlane Safari extension to auto-login to sites and fill forms right in Safari. It’s easy, fast, and secure. And it works on iPhone and iPad.


Watch it in action:

Unlock Dashlane with your fingerprint
Use Touch ID to unlock Dashlane with your fingerprint instead of having to type your Master Password or PIN code on your iPhone 5S or greater. (We hope your phone upgrade is coming soon ;). It’s simple to set up, and gets you to your Dashlane data even faster!


We’re partnering up!
With our new app extension, other apps can partner with Dashlane, so you can use Dashlane’s auto-login and autofill features in their apps. (If your phone supports Touch ID – again, iPhone 5S or greater – you can also authenticate logins to your apps with Dashlane and your fingerprint.)

Here are some apps who’ve already joined the party:partners

Developers, you can find documentation on our app extension here.

Last but not least, there’s a much-requested feature in this release. Now you can force-sync your data by swiping down to refresh.

We hope you enjoy this release & that it’s already made its way to your device! Let us know what you think about it in the comments.