In today’s release, our Android app got some awesome, new features that bring autofill and auto-logins everywhere on Android phones and tablets.

We’ve added a brand new standalone, multi-tabbed browser, which you can now make your default for universal auto-logins and autofill!


When you set the Dashlane Browser as your default, you’ll have not one but two icons on your device. It makes it a lot easier to get autofill and auto-login with less switching between apps. (What can we say? We’re big fans of efficiency.)

Plus, we’ve enhanced our Android Keyboard, so you can auto-login to your apps, too! It’s super easy to set up. Follow the instructions in the app, and watch this video to learn how it works:


We’ve also added a new in-app password generator helps you customize and create complex passwords for your apps. (This is in addition to the password generator in the browser.) Make long and complex passwords, and save them directly to Dashlane in a tap!

password generator

Last but not least, you’ll notice our elegant new design and new home screen make Dashlane even more user-friendly on phones and tablets!

android home screen

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