NEW: Password Changer – Go from weak to strong passwords in a click!

Every time you learn about a big data breach, the experts advice is always as follows: Change your password now and anywhere you’ve reused it. “Anywhere you’ve reused it” can be just a few online accounts or nearly all of them, which turns changing your password into a big, time-consuming undertaking… until today!

Today we introduce Password Changer, a groundbreaking feature that saves you loads of time spent changing passwords manually. With one click in Dashlane, Password Changer updates your passwords on sites and saves in Dashlane, automatically!

password changer

Password Changer works on the top 50 sites in the US (with more sites and countries on the way).  You can change one or a bunch of passwords at a time – you decide. And it even works with sites where you use two-factor authentication or where you need to answer a security question.

The full list of support sites, where you can also request any additions, is available here. You can also visit out Help Center to learn more about how Password Changer works.

Password Changer is available in Dashlane on Mac and PC. Try it today & let us know what you think!



    Dashlane gives everyone who uses the internet a simple way to live savvier online. Generate strong, randomized passwords for every account, and autofill logins, personal info, and payment details instantly—without compromising your data security. Dashlane works across devices on every major operating system and browser, making the internet safer and easier to navigate at home, at work, and on the go.

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