Heads up for those of you who haven’t updated to iOS 8 yet…

Our latest iOS release, version 2.8.5, marks the last version of Dashlane that will support iOS 7. Dropping iOS 7 support will make our app much lighter, so it’s faster for you to download and update from the App Store.

If you haven’t updated to iOS 8 yet, don’t fret. You’ll still be able to use Dashlane on your device and even get it on other devices using your iTunes account. No changes there. But you might want to consider updating your mobile device’s operating system because you’ll miss out on our updates until you do. (Here’s the least painful way to update to iOS 8 – thanks, Mashable!)

Last but not least, if you’re running iOS 8, this version also includes a bunch of fixes for PIN codes and the Safari extension, as well as the crashes that you reported. Get it here! Thanks for helping us find those nasty bugs by reporting them to our support team, and thanks for hanging in there while we squashed them!