Welcome to The Dashlane Tech Check for January 20, 2017!  I’ll help you catch up on Dashlane-related news and the big news in the tech industry. And just for fun, I’ll include a useful life hack that will keep you safe and secure all year long.

What in the (Security) World?

Here’s what made headlines this week in the world of digital identity, security, and privacy:

Mozilla ditches the dinosaur and unveils new branding only a nerd could love

Mozilla officially retired their dinosaur mascot and codename, and replaced it with a “nod to URL language”. The organization explained that the new logo is intended to link “the beginning of an unfiltered, unmediated experience into the rich content of the internet.” Read more.

Hell hath no fury like a system admin scorned.

The American College of Education (ACE) filed a lawsuit against a former employee for holding the for-profit school’s email system hostage, then asking for a clean letter of reference and a payment of $200,000. Read more.

Trump’s Commerce Secretary Pick Emphasizes Cybersecurity Protections During Confirmation Hearing


Commerce Secretary nominee Wilbur Ross–who will have primary oversight of national cybersecurity policy–shared his thoughts on driverless cars, the Internet of Things, and cyber attacks. “I absolutely do [support developing stronger responses to punish countries that perpetrate cyberattacks in the U.S.]” Read more

Breach alert! Hackers Steal 1.1 Million Forum Accounts from Game Developer Supercell

According to Motherboard, Supercell–the popular game developer behind “Clash of Clans”–has been hacked and its users’ personal details compromised. LeakBase claims that the leak involves 1.1 million accounts, which reportedly includes usernames, email addresses, hashed passwords, and IP addresses. Read more.

Dashlane in the News 

Investopedia recommends Dashlane as an easy way to keep your personal info safe

Given growing concerns about Russian hacking and other cyber attacks, Investopedia outlined 4 simple ways to keep your personal data out of the hands of anyone who could do you or your information harm. Number one their list: protect passwords. See why the recommended Dashlane’s “top-rated password manager” to their users. Read more.

A Dashlane Study cited in Business2Community’s article about the dangers of password reuse in the workplace

Business2Community writer Mike Milner, used Dashlane’s Inbox Scan study to illustrate exactly why employees shouldn’t reuse the same password for multiple accounts. “This lack of responsibility toward user credentials is what makes even one data breach so threatening,” says Milner. Read more.

Flashback Friday

With the change of power taking place today in Washington, D.C. it’s only appropriate to look back at President Obama’s proposals to crack down on cyber attacks and spread awareness about the importance of protecting our digital footprints. But, we all know that the best place to start is strong passwords, right? Jimmy Kimmel proved us wrong in 2015 when sent a camera out onto Hollywood Boulevard asking people to tell him their passwords. Check out the full video below.

This Week’s Lifehack to Improve Your Security

Don’t get stuck in the last-minute Valentine’s Day scramble to find a gift for that special someone. Simplify the online checkout process by using Dashlane’s Digital Wallet. It only takes a minute to add a debit or credit card, bank account, or PayPal account–and it’ll save you even more time while you shop. See for yourself! Click here to learn how your Digital Wallet makes online shopping a breeze.

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