This is another huge week for us at Dashlane! Yesterday, we announced the launch of Dashlane Business, our new enterprise identity and password management solution. Today, members of the Dashlane team are ready to kick off an exciting week at the InfoSecurity Europe Conference at Olympia in London!

To celebrate our trip to London, we wanted to take a look at the password practices of our users in the United Kingdom. We analyzed anonymous data from a sample of over 100,000 registered Dashlane UK users to create a Mini Security Roundup on average password practices in the UK.

Our findings are summarized in the infographic below. If you’re surprised or find them interesting, please share them or embed our infographic on your own blog.

Mini Security Roundup: A Look at UK Password Practices

Key takeaways:

  • Dashlane UK users have an average of 130 password-protected online accounts.
  • The average password strength of users in the UK is 65 percent.
  • Dashlane users from the UK automatically login to their favorite websites about 47 times a month! With Dashlane’s redesigned app for iPhone and iPad, we look forward to that number becoming much higher next year.
  • Dashlane users from the UK also auto-fill online forms about 16 times per month.
  • The bad news: Dashlane UK users have an average of 36 reused passwords!

Take it from Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerburg, international pop star, Katy Perry, and several other celebrities: Hackers love recycled passwords! Follow these tips on how you can create unique, strong passwords for each one of your online accounts, and don’t forget to store them in Dashlane’s password manager!

Did any of these results surprise you? Do you use Dashlane auto-fill feature way more than the average UK user? Share your thoughts with me in the comments below!

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