The Heartbleed Bug – A message from our CEO

On April 10, 2014, our CEO sent a message to all of our users regarding Heartbleed and the best course of action to protect your online accounts. As Heartbleed is going to be around for a while, it’s pertinent info that we want to (re)share with you here. See below.

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Dear Dashlane user,

By now you likely have heard about the Heartbleed bug. It has been in the news all over the world for the last 3 days. This is the most serious security issue the Internet has ever faced. As such, I feel it is important to write to you personally to make sure you are fully informed of the situation and its consequences.

A few things you should know right away:

  • Your Dashlane account is not impacted by the Heartbleed bug
  • Your Master Password is safe, as it is never transmitted
  • Your personal data, when transmitted, is always ciphered locally with AES 256, which is not affected by the Heartbleed vulnerability

The information you store in Dashlane is 100% safe, and you do not need to change your Dashlane Master Password. In addition, if you have been using unique passwords for most of your accounts – which Dashlane recommends and facilitates – you are probably less exposed to the consequences of the Heartbleed bug.

However, your passwords and other personal information may still have been stolen from any website affected by the vulnerability. In order to be as protected as possible, we recommend that you do the following:

  1. Immediately change the passwords for the accounts that are most critical to you (for example, your bank, your PayPal account, your email accounts…) by generating strong unique passwords using Dashlane
  2. Wait for an additional 10 days before changing any other passwords. You need to make sure all these sites have fixed the problem before changing your passwords
  3. In 10 days, go back to all your critical accounts and change the passwords a second time by generating strong unique passwords using Dashlane
  4. Then change all of the passwords of your less critical accounts in the same way.

The most important thing is to make sure you use different passwords on each and every website, because if your password is stolen on one site, it will not impact other sites. This was true before Heartbleed and is even truer today.

We’ll be sure to keep you updated about the situation, and want to thank you for protecting your data with Dashlane. Given the circumstances, there is no better time than now to tell your friends, colleagues and family to start securing their digital life by visiting today.

You can find more details in our blog at

Emmanuel Schalit
CEO, Dashlane

  • theresa evans

    Forgot my password

  • Don H Rubin, MD

    cancel my account. I no longer wish to have anything to do with your company.

  • Gillis crawford

    Please end my account with you ASAP

  • Ronnie Schroeder

    Please cancel any account I have with your company. I do NOT wish to receive any emails.

  • Michael Cummings

    Please close my account, and stop sending me emails.

  • michael wall

    Thanks for letting me know

  • Gloria Kinder


    • Ashley Thurston

      Hi Gloria,

      Thanks for getting in touch. No worries about deleting your account. For security purposes, no one can do that but you.

      If you’d like to get Dashlane on your Android phone, you can do so by downloading the app from the Google Play Store here: Simply follow that link on your phone, and you’ll be prompted to download Dashlane.

      If you’re not already a Premium subscriber and you’re interested in having the Dashlane data on your desktop computer synced to your Android device automatically, you can do that by signing up for Premium, either from the Android app or by visiting our web app here:

      And if there’s anything further that we can help you with, our support team can be reached here: Or you can tweet to us at @DashlaneSupport.

      Hope that helps!


  • Russell N Dinh

    How do I changed my password ? Pls. advise

  • Brenda Replogle

    Please cancel my account. Thank you.

  • Don

    When will you support Windows Phone? I find your software very useful I use it on 4 different platforms Thanks

    • Ashley Thurston

      HI Don,

      Thanks for getting in touch! We’re glad to hear you’re getting a lot of use out of Dashlane πŸ™‚

      A Windows Phone app is a popular request, and we’d love to have one eventually. At the moment, it hasn’t made it to our roadmap, so I don’t have an ETA for it. But we’ll definitely post an update on Twitter (@Dashlane) when that changes.


  • John Lewinski

    Please cancel my account and all information.
    Thank You.

  • Robin Clopp

    Please cancel my account.

    Thank You,
    Robin Clopp

  • Mencie Hairston

    Please cancel my account.

  • Lavonne Damron

    Please cancel my account,thank you

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    Cancel my account now! Please

  • Adrienne

    Please cancel my Dashlane Account. Thank you

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    Please cancel my account. Thank you.

  • Arnetta Savage

    I don not want my account with you anymore. Thank you.

    • Ashley Thurston

      Hi again,

      I replied to your earlier comment. See above.


  • Rita opsahl

    Cancel any acct I have with you

  • Mark A O’Brien

    Thanks for your info, I appreciate it. I trust and enjoy using Dashlane. I’m sitting here reading all these responses to cancel their account, and just shake my head in disbelief. I’m sure you must be doing the same. Your company and our accounts under Dashlane are not affected and your just telling us how to protect our other accounts and these people cancel. Go figure!
    Thanks again.
    Mark O’Brien
    Anchorage ,Alaska

    • Ashley Thurston

      Hi Mark,

      Thanks for your comment! The flood of cancel account requests is coming because we linked to this blog in yesterday’s email. While it’s not fun to see people leave, there’s always some level of drop off when you send a mass email. (And when it’s to millions of people, 20 or so cancel requests isn’t so bad :).

      We’re glad you’re still going strong with Dashlane. We certainly appreciate your support!


    • Paul Seymour

      My thought too! Why cancel your account when Dashlane makes it so easy to update your passwords?

      My guess is they thought the Heartbleed bug is related specifically to Dashlane.

  • munyardzi

    Thank for ur support and good networking. u may cancell my Account completly

  • Thomas F Moore

    Your info was enlightening and it should have set off the warning bell in all internet users minds. I cannot for the life of me understand why these individuals would cancel their accounts because of a very intensive, well thought out program to protect us all. I thank you and your company for looking out for the welfare of us all

    • Ashley Thurston

      Thank you, Thomas! We definitely appreciate your support πŸ™‚

  • Brenda Boyce

    Please Cancel My account

  • Overlords of the Dashlane:

    Reading is hard…judging by the “pls cancel my accnt I don want no moar’ I suspect the intended message was missed. Maybe a cartoon would help or a video. Or just cut your losses and allow Interweb Darwinism to work it’s magic:)

    Thanks for a good product…far superior to my previous solution.

    • Ashley Thurston

      Hi there,

      Thanks for your comment! The requests are coming in as a result of a mass email that linked to the blog. There’s always some level of drop off when you email loads of users, but nothing to fret about πŸ™‚ We’re glad you’re enjoying Dashlane, and we appreciate your support!


  • Gary A Kroeber

    Cancel???? People can not read!!! Complement you, is what they should do for making us aware of a potential problem and how to go about to safeguard their information even better. Kudos


    • Ashley Thurston

      Hi Gary,

      Thanks for your comment and support! We appreciate it, and we’re glad to hear that you’ll be securing your accounts from Heartbleed πŸ™‚


  • Bebe Hernandez-Wilbur

    I’ve purchased Dashlane. Doesn’t it download and sync with my iPad and iPhone? Thank you in advance for your response.

    • Ashley Thurston

      Hi Bebe,

      Thanks for subscribing to Premium & apologies for not getting back sooner!

      You can get Dashlane on your iPhone and iPad by downloading it from the iTunes Store here: Just follow that link on your iPhone or iPad, login & enter the security code that’s sent to your email. Your Dashlane data will automatically sync.

      Also, as a Premium subscriber, you can email us at for priority support if you have any questions. Hope that helps!


  • Gabrielle V Miller

    Loving this and have only had it a couple of days. Finally, no more attempting to remember passwords! No more having to think of passwords that I could not remember! Thank you thank you.

  • John

    Can you elaborate a little more on the “AES 256” encryption? Why is this a superior encryption and how does it prevent a hacker from getting passwords stored in Dashlane? Thanks for your great product, I love Dashlane!!

  • Frank Murphy

    This is the worst app ever!!! It has wasted HOURS of my time!!! I reset my account and I can log on to the READ ONLY web app BUT NOT THE IPHONE APP OR THE MAC APP!!! I AM ENTERING THE PASSWORD CORRECTLY!!!!


    OMG, WHAT A TIME WASTER!!!!!!!!!~