I usually take some time around the holidays (in both the winter and summer) to organize a company-wide team building activity, simply to spend some quality time with colleagues, have fun, and possibly learn a little.

This past December, I organized multiple team building sessions both in Paris and New York, where the Dashlane team played Lego4scrum (we also used Kapla blocks). We split up into different teams, and had a great time together.

Lego4Scrum is an interesting game to play; not only is it a good excuse to play around with some of the principles of Agile and concepts of Scrum, but it is also a really fun team-building experience.

The concept is simple: two teams of 4-6 people work together to build a city out of Lego and Kapla blocks, markers, and paper. The game organizer represents the Product Owner, aka the “Mayor” of the city.

We did not focus too much on the “agile” part of the game, since many of our teams are already familiar with the Scrum methodology, but the game did teach us new, interesting lessons:

– It reinforced the importance of close communication between the team and the stakeholder/customer.
– It generated a lot of discussions around how we estimate, the importance of estimates, and why we need them.
– It showed how useful spikes and prototypes can be to test things and anticipate issues, before rushing into the actual implementation.
– It demonstrated the risk of over-engineering too early. It is important to keep things simple, and adapt and refine the plan as we progress.

As a result, several teams managed to create amazing Lego towns, complete with houses, schools, a bridge, bus stops, stores, a hospital and more! Take a look!

Lego4scrum Team Building Dashlane

If you would like to try out Lego4scrum for your team or office, feel free to use my customized version in this SlideShare presentation:

Do you have any great suggestions for future team-building activities? Let us know in the comments below!

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