Is Dashlane Trustworthy?


From Big Tech misusing data to scamming and hacking horror stories in the news, it’s understandable that we’re all a bit wary of who to trust on the web nowadays. It’s good to take a pause to consider where your data might be going before you blindly check the Terms of Service box.

We’re here to help answer some of the questions you may have about how your data is stored in Dashlane and what we do—and don’t do—with it.

Isn’t it dangerous to store all my passwords in one place?

Not if that place is encrypted so that you and only you can access it. As our CEO, Emmanuel Schalit has put it: “Sometimes, it’s better to put all your eggs in the same basket if that basket is more secure than the one you would be able to build on your own.”

Here’s how it works. Your Dashlane account can only be unlocked with your Master Password and you are the only person that knows it. We don’t save your Master Password in any form.

Everything you store in Dashlane is encrypted (converted to a scrambled code) using your Master Password as the key. Without it, your data remains safely indecipherable. The Master Password only you know, coupled with our security architecture, means it’d take a hacker nearly 45,000 years to break into your vault. To put it simply: Dashlane was designed to be secure.

But, what happens if Dashlane gets hacked?

Even in the unlikely event that Dashlane is hacked, all of your information would remain securely encrypted, as described above. The only thing a hacker would have access to is garbled, indecipherable data.

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Can I get my passwords out of Dashlane?

Yes. You own your data. Any passwords, personal information, or payment details that you store in Dashlane are encrypted for your eyes only. Dashlane can’t access your data, even if we wanted to (and we don’t!).

While we’d be disappointed if you chose to leave Dashlane, we make it simple to export and backup your data at any point, no questions asked.

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How does Dashlane offer a free product?

You may have heard the phrase, “If a product is free, that means you are the product.” And it’s true: Many apps that are free make money by collecting and selling user data. But that’s not the case when it comes to Dashlane. We make all our money from paid plan subscriptions for individuals, families, and businesses—not from misusing the data of our trusted customers. Because we believe that a safe internet is for everyone, we offer a free version of Dashlane that lets users save up to 50 passwords on one device.

What aren’t you telling me?

Anything and everything you need to know about your data in Dashlane can be found in our Terms of Service. No one dislikes hidden data loopholes more than us—which is why we’ve included easy-to-understand summaries for each section so you don’t have to wade through the legalese.

At the end of the day, we’re glad you’re asking us these questions. They’re the ones we should always ask about how companies use our data.

We hope this post has answered your questions and addressed any reservations you may have had about Dashlane. Ready to give us a try?

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