Published on Thursday 25th June, 8.00am EST

Sharing passwords at work is painful. You’re either wasting time and energy trying to remember the ones you created, or searching for the Post-It note a colleague shared with you.  Staggeringly, all this time-wasting, finding, and filling basic data can amount to more than 50 hours a year – an entire working week. This is an even bigger dilemma when you’re not in the office, trying to log in or to share passwords with colleagues back at the office via a mobile device.

And this issue is only getting bigger, with employees juggling more applications and as a result more passwords than ever before. A 2014 study revealed small business employees use more than 14 applications and share 6 of them on a daily basis. A company with 75 employees averaged 413 user accounts and 550 employee companies had over 3000 user accounts.

You need a secure and simple solution that protects your accounts, but doesn’t slow down your team.

Today, we’re pleased to announce that we’re bringing our team password sharing features to iPhone and iPad. So even when you’re on the go, you can protect each of your accounts with unique, strong passwords and still work seamlessly with your favorite work software.

Secure password sharing with Dashlane protects you from risk – now available on iPhone and iPad
Secure password sharing with Dashlane protects you from risk – now available on iPhone and iPad

One of the greatest challenges of the modern workplace is how to securely manage access to important account credentials without putting up barriers for your team. When you follow good security advice and regularly change company passwords, getting the right password at the right time can become a daily struggle. And the office doesn’t just stay at the office. The problem is amplified as more and more people work from mobile devices.

Dashlane’s Sharing Center allows you to easily share passwords and notes with your team, with a level of permissions that makes sense for each team member. And with the addition of iPhone and iPad to the mix, this powerful feature is now available everywhere, no matter what devices your team uses. Need to update a password for security? Change it on your phone, and it’s updated globally so no one has to ask around or write something down. Shared once, synced forever. Safe. Secure.

Sharing through Dashlane allows teams to get straight down to work: no time or stress wasted on managing passwords manually.  It’s one of the main reasons why we’re the leader in password management for business teams, trusted by over three million consumers and 450,000 business users worldwide.

Here’s what our CEO (and high-volume secure password sharer), Emmanuel Schalit, had to say about password sharing:

Poor password practices are rampant at the individual level. Most people reuse weak passwords for multiple accounts and never change them. When these practices are thrown into a team environment, it can wreak havoc on work efficient and convenience, not to mention leaving an organization extremely vulnerable on the security front.

Team password sharing eliminates these issues by allowing everyone to securely share strong passwords, and use Dashlane’s autofill technology to quickly login, checkout, and access their accounts.

Learn more about Dashlane team password sharing here.

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