On Nov. 26th 2015 I attended a very interesting conference organized by the Lean Startup Experience meetup in Paris, from well-known speaker Alex Osterwalder. The purpose was to discuss Innovation culture in organization and a tool called the Culture Map. Here is a short summary of the event.


The conference was very interactive. Alex Osterwalder got us to do mini exercises around corporate culture and how to use the Culture Map.

Here is a possible definition of Corporate Culture.


The idea of the culture Map is to help define and “wireframe” the organization culture.


So how do we make sure we manage to have both an Execution Culture alongside an Innovation/Search Culture? Both are vital for companies: one to execute with excellence, the other to make sure the company reinvents itself all the time (not only technical or product innovation, but also the ability to find new business models).


He used different examples and tips to support his speech:

– the Kodak failure: a 100 000 employee company at its peak that did not manage to reinvent itself.

– how Osterwalder’s own company tries to build happiness, and their use of the Culture Map as a management tool:


– the Black Hat / Yellow Hat “Lean” exercise, helps to stimulate quick feedback and idea testing: the idea is that once an idea has been expressed, you first let everybody in the room try and destroy it with all sorts of arguments, then revert it and have everybody explain why the idea is brilliant:


Many take-aways that can be of great inspiration for all companies, big or small.

Some references: http://blog.strategyzer.com/posts/2015/10/13/the-culture-map-a-systematic-intentional-tool-for-designing-great-company-culture