Have you ever been shopping online and ready to check out only to have to: create a new account, fill in a long form, or reset your password because you’ve forgotten it? Maybe you took the time pass these checkout barriers. But like many, you may have just abandoned your purchase altogether. 

This year’s online holiday shopping season was a record high in sales, but the results of a poll that we commissioned with Harris Interactive suggest that online shoppers often abandon their purchases altogether, resulting in lost sales for online retailers. But more importantly, you’re missing out on something that you wanted or needed to buy – and you lost the time you spent searching for it.

We created this infographic with some of  the poll results to show you just how impactful these checkout barriers can be to your online shopping.

The Nightmare Before Checkout

The solution to the checkout nightmare is simple. Online shopping is a breeze when you have a password manager like Dashlane. (So breezy, online retailers should be advocating the use of password managers.) Plus, it’s a time-saver: Dashlane users save up to 50 hours a year spent filling online forms!

Your usernames and passwords are securely stored and autofilled for you, so they’re never forgotten or entered incorrectly. Plus, with a shopping-savvy password manager like Dashlane, your receipts are automatically saved in a safe place (i.e. not your inbox).

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