What’s Buried in Your Inbox? Dashlane’s New Inbox Security Scan Can Tell You

What happened to your old MySpace account? How about the login for the bank you no longer use or that loyalty program you forgot you signed up for? No judgement—we’ve all been quietly creating accounts for years now, racking up who-knows-how-many logins and passwords. But old, forgotten accounts can actually compromise your online security. Most people reuse the same handful of passwords for almost every account, so chances are that 10-year-old Yogurt Palace login you used once shares a password with something much more important—like your email or Facebook account. Hackers know and exploit this. Facebook may be keeping pace with online security threats, but Yogurt Palace probably isn’t.

But what can you do without a reliable way to find every account?

That’s where Dashlane comes in.

With Dashlane’s new Inbox Security Scan, you can find all your long-lost logins with just a few taps on your mobile device. This simple tool securely collects and analyzes all the accounts you’ve ever created with your email address and allows you to easily import them into Dashlane.

Where do I find it?

Inbox Security Scan is currently available for mobile on iOS and Android devices under the name Inbox Scan.

On Android devices, it can be found in the left menu, and on iOS devices, it can be found in Tools.

Dashlane's Inbox Security Scan on Android and iOS

To start scanning your inbox, click on the feature name and select which type of email account you would like to scan.

Inbox Security Scan currently supports Gmail for iOS users. Android users can use Inbox Security Scan for Gmail and Outlook accounts, which include @outlook.com, @live.com, and @hotmail.com, as well as any Microsoft email account.

To start the scan, you’ll need to log in to your email account and allow Dashlane one-time access to your email inbox. We don’t store any of your login information, nor do we store any data from your emails. To keep your information completely secure, none of your data is sent anywhere; instead, your inbox is scanned locally on your device.

Dashlane's Security Inbox Scan home screen

What will I see when I scan my inbox?

Your scan takes only a few seconds, depending on the size of your inbox.

Once it’s done, you’ll get a custom report that summarizes and analyzes the online accounts Dashlane finds. Your report shows you the total number of accounts that you’ve created over time, and breaks out this information into several sections:

Compromised Accounts

Most importantly, Inbox Security Scan will tell you if any of your accounts may have been involved in a hack or breach. It identifies these accounts by linking the creation date of the account with the dates of known hacks or breaches. If the account was created before a hack or breach, then it will be shown as compromised. Dashlane recommends changing the passwords on compromised accounts immediately as well as any other accounts that may have the same or similar password.

Dashlane's Inbox Security Scan security analysis

Account Categories

When you click View All Accounts, you’ll see what kinds of accounts you have created and how many of each you have, giving you a better idea of the size of your digital footprint. You’ll be surprised at the number of accounts hiding in your inbox!

What should I do with my scan results?

Once Dashlane has rounded up all these accounts, you’ll be able to import them into your Dashlane app. The accounts you select will be saved in your Dashlane vault with the scanned email address stored as the login and an empty password field. To add the passwords to your imported accounts, you can either add them manually, or use the Dashlane extension to save them as your browse on your laptop or desktop computer. The scan can’t find your passwords because it has only has access to the data stored in your inbox—not your accounts.

If you use multiple email accounts, you can run this scan for each one of them to get the full picture of your account creation habits and identify any security concerns.

Inbox Security Scan from Dashlane

What are you waiting for? Get more secure now.

Inbox Security Scan gives you an overview of where your data is online and notifies you in case any of the accounts connected to your email address have been breached or hacked. Once you know how many accounts you have and where they are, you can increase your online security by giving each account a unique password—or taking steps to delete them completely. Inbox Security Scan is the only tool that enables you to put safeguards around every account that makes up your digital identity.

Now, with all those accounts and passwords stored in your Dashlane vault, you’ll never have to worry whether your accounts are safe—Dashlane will alert you if any account is compromised in the future, and you’ll be able to change your password to protect your personal data quickly and easily.

    Rowan Twine

    Product Marketing at Dashlane

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