Dashlane‘s Security Dashboard helps you understand how safe your passwords are. At the very top, you’ll see your Security Score – an overall calculation of how safe or vulnerable your online accounts currently are, especially those containing sensitive or financial data. If you’re looking for ways improve your score, look no further.

dashlane security dashboard

Step 1: Take Advantage of Quick Wins

Dashlane Security Dashboard Quick wins

Under your Security Score, the Security Dashboard will display three “quick wins”, which are instant actions you can take to improve your score. For instance, it may recommend replacing your weak Google password with a stronger one to improve your Security Score by 3 percent.

Step 2: Identify Unsafe Passwords using the Detailed Password Analysis  

The Detailed Password Analysis provides a breakdown of your total accounts and how many of those fall into vulnerable categories.

Detailed password analysis

  • Weak: account passwords with poor character length and complexity
  • Reused: accounts that can be accessed with the same password
  • Old: accounts with passwords that haven’t been updated in awhile
  • Compromised: accounts that may have been hacked in a recent data breach

The number of accounts in each category heavily affects your Security Score. Select any of the categories to view a drop-down list of affected accounts.

Step 3: Prioritize and sort passwords that need immediate attention

Feeling overwhelmed? Tackle the problem by prioritizing your most at-risk passwords first. To sort them quickly click any of the fields and use the arrow to sort in ascending or descending order. Easy!

Once you’ve identified the passwords you want to change first, just select “Replace now” under the ‘Action’ field and you’ll be directed their website for a quick password change.

Replace passwords using Dashlane's security dashboard

Step 4: Use Dashlane’s Password Changer to instantly update passwords

If Password Changer is available, you can select “Auto-replace now” in the Action column. This will automatically update and save a new password for that website (no login required).

For your other passwords, use Dashlane’s Password Generator in your browser extension, your mobile app, or on our website.  

Dashlane's Password Changer

Our Password Generator will be available on our Mac app soon! Visit our Help Center for more information about generating passwords in Dashlane.

Step 5: [COMING SOON] Keep track of your security score on your mobile device

You can monitor your Security Score, identify weak passwords, and improve both straight from the mobile Security Dashboard on your iOS device! In a future update, you can access the Tools section of your Dashlane mobile app to try it out.

Security Dashboard on mobile

Go ahead and take the first step towards improving your Security Score! Every updated password counts. Get started now!

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