Last week we launched our special Heartbleed Anniversary Report looking into the consequences of what was dubbed the “the most dangerous security flaw on the web”…

In the first of a series of blog posts, we take a closer look at what our experts had to say on the issues surrounding Heartbleed and our future online security, privacy and password challenges…

First up, Sunday Yokubaitis, president of Golden Frog, tells us that when it comes to online security, you need to use a range of services at your fingertips to be truly secure.

Yokubaitis cited the issue endemic at hand:  “We’ve got a password problem that’s growing and increasing. Myself, I’ve got hundreds of passwords…to ask me to go change them all is a tremendous strain… We need more tools out there like Dashlane to be able to change those passwords more easily”.


As the risk is mounting, Yokubaitis finds it disappointing that consumer interest in staying safe online, especially in the US, appears to remain low with the vast majority not even remembering Heartbleed: “Americans are like teenagers when it comes to privacy. They just want to get on the motorcycle and go fast… so we’ve got to focus on educating the public.”

When asked what role do technology companies have in creating better online security and privacy, it seems Yokubaitis believes in the use of an array of tools to combat online threats, saying that an “armada” of companies is required rather than one “battleship” to provide privacy tools.  This way “People can control the services they choose to use… What is their business model…What do I get in return….”

With various tools at our disposal, a few simple steps need not be overcomplicated. For example, Yokubaitis advises consumers that “focusing on your passwords is a very good first step”. Furthermore he advised that the use of services which offered “end to end encryption” was sensible.

As well as consumers needing to wise up to the risks online by putting the proper infrastructure in place, Yokubaitis did also advise companies to make it as easy as possible for them to do so: “Security companies and privacy companies need to make the tools easy to use… If it’s not easy to use users will turn them away… I’d like to see more see more security companies and privacy companies make them easy to use… People look to the tech community to give those solutions for them.”

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To view the video in full click here and stay tuned for further expert insight from our special report, Heartbleed: One Year On.