We’re Waiving the First 3 Months of a Dashlane Business Subscription

As the global pandemic continues to disrupt our lives—including forcing many of us to work from home—the need for secure access to all our accounts has never been greater and the risk never higher.  

Internet scammers are on the rise, taking advantage of the fact that home networks usually don’t have the same level of security as corporate networks. With many employees away from secure office networks, companies need to review their remote access security procedures, including password management. After all, weak, reused, or stolen passwords are the number one cause* of data breaches.

An effective way to keep your company’s data secure across work and home environments? Equipping your employees with Dashlane. Dashlane is a decentralized password manager that creates, remembers, and autofills passwords while syncing them across all devices. 

To help companies work securely from home, we are making Dashlane’s password manager available to everyone. 

For new users:

Sign up here for a 3-month trial of Dashlane Business for an unlimited number of users.  

If you’re already on a trial, we will extend it by 2 months. 

For existing Business customers:

Add an unlimited number of additional seats to your account at no cost for 3 months.  

For questions about the offer or how to set up Dashlane Business for your team, feel free to email us. 

*Gartner, “Rethink the Security and Risk Strategy,” 2020

    Dashlane Team

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