You’ve set up your Dashlane account and stored some of your passwords and personal information in the app, so you’re already seeing how much easier life is with Dashlane. But now it’s time to supercharge your Dashlane experience and join the growing chorus of people who just can’t live online without it.

Unlock the full potential of Dashlane with these six essential features:

  1. Web extension
  2. Password Generator
  3. Secure credit card storage
  4. Sharing Center
  5. Mobile browser
  6. Spaces for work and home (Dashlane Business)
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1. Web extension

Dashlane Standalone Extension

If you’re copying and pasting credentials from the Dashlane app into websites, it’s time to get the Dashlane web extension.

The extension enables Dashlane to instantly log you in to websites or to create and save new credentials in just a click. The internet has never been so fast—or so secure.

If you haven’t done so yet, get the extension by following the instructions in this help center article on using Dashlane in your browser.

2. Password Generator

Dashlane Password Generator

Having a unique password for every account is the first line of defense online, but it’s hard to do and even harder to keep track of on your own. Dashlane’s Password Generator makes creating secure, complex passwords simple. You can find it in right in your web extension in the tab labeled Generator. The Password Generator instantly creates strong, unique passwords for each account. Adapt the settings by selecting the length and what random mixture of digits, letters, and symbols to include.

Dashlane’s Password Generator even tells you how safe your passwords are for ultimate peace of mind.

Want to learn more about Password Generator? Read this help center article on how to use Dashlane to generate strong passwords.

3. Secure credit card storage

Dashlane Secure Credit Card Storage

Online payments and shopping are a breeze when your credit card details are securely stored in Dashlane.

Memorizing a 16-digit card number or searching for your wallet are things of the past when all the payment information you need is always with you in Dashlane.

Access any card on-the-go from your Dashlane app, and if you use the Dashlane Web Extension, the details can be autofilled in any checkout experience. Add and manage payments easily right from the desktop app. Under the Wallet menu on the left side, click Payments, then the green Add new button.

If you’d like to learn more, you can read this help center article on how to add and manage payment types in Dashlane.

4. Sharing Center

Dashlane Sharing Center

Is your Netflix password currently making the rounds with your friends? Dashlane’s Sharing Center can help you share it while still keeping it totally secure.

Send friends or family passwords for shared accounts easily and securely; password resets are instantly updated for everyone, and you can revoke anyone’s access at any time.

Any notes and passwords you share will have end-to-end encryption and rights limitations, so you can ensure that only your intended recipients have the right level of access, and your passwords stay safe.

Want to learn more? Read about sharing passwords or Secure Notes in Dashlane.

5. Mobile Browser

Dashlane Mobile Browser

Dashlane’s mobile browser for Android and iOS makes life online easier wherever you are.

The browser looks like any other, but allows Dashlane to autofill any saved credentials and instantly logs you in to your accounts. And, any time you create a new online account in the browser, you can instantly save your credentials to Dashlane for next time.

You can find Dashlane in your mobile app under the Tools tab at the bottom.

Want to learn more about using Dashlane in general?

iOS: Read this help center article to learn how to use the Dashlane Browser on iOS.

Android: Read this help center article to learn how use the Dashlane Browser on Android.

6. Spaces for work and home (Dashlane Business)

Dashlane Business - Team Spaces

If you store both personal and professional accounts in Dashlane, your vault can quickly become a mess of potentially duplicate passwords and accounts.

Dashlane’s Spaces feature, available in our Business plan, keeps these two kinds of accounts and information separate and safe.

Want to learn more?Read this help center article on how to manage your Spaces in our Business plan.

We hope this primer helps you get the most out of your Dashlane experience. Do you have other questions? Leave them below and we’ll do our best to answer them ASAP!

Ready to level up your Dashlane experience? This article goes through eight features you can use to customize your Dashlane experience.

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