The English Premier League (EPL) is one of the most popular football (better known as “soccer” in the United States) leagues in the world, and is the home to many of the game’s best-known players and clubs.

As huge fans of several Champions League teams (and fierce competitors in FIFA 16), members of the Dashlane team sought to find out which EPL club’s supporters have the strongest passwords

We studied aggregated, anonymized data from Dashlane users and calculated the average user’s password strength for every EPL club’s official website. To calculate user’s password strength, Dashlane identified several factors that are critical to password security, such as password complexity, password length, password reuse, and how long the password for the account has remained unchanged.

The following infographic shows you which English Premier League club supporters’ password strength are worthy of the coveted “Most Secure Supporters” title in Dashlane’s Password Premier League, and those that should be relegated to unsafe password practices.

English Premier League - Password Security Infographic

Interesting Key Findings:

  • Leicester City (1), the winners of the 2016 Champions League title, didn’t have a fairytale ending in Dashlane’s Password Premier League. Their supporters had an average Password Strength Score of 49 and ranked 15th in our league. Chelsea (10), ranked 14th, tied Leicester City’s Password Strength score of 49.
  • AFC Bournemouth (16) supporters take home the 2016 Most Secure Supporters title with by far the best Password Score in the league: 74.
  • Manchester City (4) ranks 2nd in our Password Premier League with an average Password Strength Score of 60.
  • EPL favorites Arsenal (2) also gave an underwhelming performance in the Password Premier League. Their supporters ranked 9th in our Password Premier League, with a Password Strength Score of 53.
  • One of the most popular clubs in the EPL, Manchester United (5), was relegated to unsafe password practices with a Password Strength Score of 42 , tying Newcastle United (18). 

If your favorite club is ranking low in our Password Premier League, remember that you should always create a long and strong password, with a mix of uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, and special characters. You can also use Dashlane’s Password Generator tool to create a strong password, and safely store it in Dashlane’s password manager!

What do you think about our Password Premier League rankings? Did your favorite English Premier League club rank high, or were they relegated to bad password practices? Share your thoughts (and your club support!) in the comments below!