Reports of a breach on are making their way around the web. While Dropbox denies the breach and confirmed that the 400 passwords hackers posted to an online database have already been expired, they still pose a threat to web users who reuse passwords.

The expired Dropbox passwords are said to have been lifted from other third-party services. The hackers who’ve obtained these passwords claim to have more data in their possession – a mere 6.9 million accounts details – and will post those online in exchange for Bitcoins.

Dropbox is advising users to turn on 2-factor authentication, and we wholeheartedly agree! Turn on 2-factor authentication for any service that you can. With 2-factor authentication enabled, services send you a code that you need to enter to complete your sign in. That code is sent to you by text, voice call, email, or an app like Authenticator – something that only you typically have access to. That way, no matter who has your passwords, if they’re logging from an unfamiliar device, they’re shut down!

The other way to protect yourself is to never reuse passwords, anywhere. An app like Dashlane makes this incredibly simple by randomly generating, saving, and entering your passwords for you as you browse the web (and even in some apps on mobile!). Dashlane will even tell you when your passwords are reused, weak, or even breached in your personal Security Dashboard, so you can clean house before hackers do.

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