Updated June 2, 2016

Old vs. New Dashlane iOS Logo

Our users have grown to recognize the little icon in form field indicating that Dashlane’s password manager is ready to speed up their web experience. We’re aware of some misconceptions – is it a deer, a reindeer, an antelope? In fact, the icon depicts a jumping impala (miniimpala).

Jumping impalas

It’s a symbol that embodies the experience of Dashlane, leaping into a faster online experience.

Dashlane is More Than A Password Manager

We selected this symbol to use in the app icon long ago, but recently we decided to redesign it. We felt that the old one did not adequately represent the brand-new Dashlane 4 in terms of quality, colors and meaning. Also, as Dashlane’s functionality and feature set evolved, we needed to communicate that Dashlane is more than one thing.

Dashlane is a complex app with some immensely powerful technology under the hood. At the most basic level, it is a password manager. But even this core feature has many facets: generating strong passwords, accessing them anywhere, securely sharing them with anyone.

And I haven’t even started on what ELSE Dashlane is…

For many the best feature is the easy and safer online shopping: our digital wallet. Dashlane automatically fills your credit card details and captures your receipts (with screenshots!) on pretty much every website on the Internet. Awesome!

Last but not least, one of the most important aspects of Dashlane is our patented security architecture, intrinsically designed to keep your data safe and encrypted.

All of this needs to be conveyed in our visual messaging and user interface, as well as our recently released app icon.

Dashlane’s New App Icon

Old vs. New Dashlane iOS Logo

Dashlane’s brand has a three color palette. Our main color is teal, and additional colors are intense orange and green, often supplemented by dark gray and white. The new icon reflects this color balance.

The white impala on teal is the outer wrapper. The additional orange and green layers symbolize additional features of Dashlane. Finally, we changed the background shape from a locked wallet to a shield, symbolizing Dashlane’s world-class, patented security architecture.

Here are some examples of how we adapted the core icon to different platforms (in line with their respective guidelines):

Dashlane's New Mobile App Icons

We believe the new icon makes the fantastic Dashlane experience even more seamless and coherent across all platforms, and we hope you like it!