Ever worry that a password you generated with Dashlane didn’t save for some reason, or that a credential you manually edited might not work after all?

We know you do, which is why Dashlane‘s Random Password Generator saves every password it has ever generated in a secure history, protected by your master password. To find them, simply go to Tools > See Generated Passwords.

See a list of all of your generated passwords, sorted by creation date. (If your account is synced, they’re also available on all your authenticated desktop devices.)

For added convenience:

  • Click on the lock to display the password
  • Click on the notepad icon to copy the password directly to your clipboard
  • The green check mark indicates passwords that have been generated and automatically saved in your credentials by Dashlane

The next time your mouse misfires or you accidentally opt not to save a login (or if you simply change your mind!), you can find your password here, which is way better than resetting it again.

For more Dashlane tips & tricks, check back soon or visit our FAQ!