Introducing Dashlane’s Top 10 Celebrity P@ssholes™ of the Year

Updated: 12/19/2016

What do Drake, Kylie Jenner, John Podesta, and the NFL have in common? Aside from millions of Twitter followers, these high-profile celebrities and organizations made the biggest password fails of 2016, but they also highlight the importance of strong passwords in protecting our digital lives.

Below, we’ve listed the 10 people and organizations who’ve made our inaugural Celebrity P@ssholes list, but we need your help selecting the #1 P@sshole of 2016! To cast your vote for the #1 p@sshole of the year, tweet us (@Dashlane) the name of the celebrity or organization of your choice using the hashtag #DashlanePassholes. You can also cast your vote by clicking the orange links under each image! We’ll announce the winner in a blog post at the beginning of 2017!

Who do you think should be this year’s #1 Dashlane P@sshole of 2016?

Drake, Katy Perry, & OurMine Victims
Tech Leaders (Facebook, Twitter, Spotify, Google, Uber)
Kylie Jenner
John Podesta
The Houston Astros
Tech Breaches (AdultFriendFinder, Dropbox, LinkedIn, MySpace, Yahoo)
Harry Styles
Tom Hiddleston
Jack Johnson

Without further ado, in no particular order, here are the Top 10 Celebrity P@ssholes of 2016:

Drake, Katy Perry, OurMine Victims - Dashlane Passholes of 2016

Think Drake, Katy Perry, and the other celebrity OurMine victims had the biggest password fail of the year? Vote for them as the #1 P@sshole of the Year! Click here to cast your vote!

Tech Leaders - Dashlane Passholes of 2016

If you think the leaders of some of the biggest tech companies had the biggest password fail of the year, vote for them as the #1 P@ssholes of 2016! Click here to cast your vote!
Kylie Jenner - Dashlane Passholes of 2016
If you think Kylie Jenner’s password fail should be a trending topic on Twitter, vote for her as the #1 P@sshole of 2016! Click here to cast your vote!

John Podesta/Hillary Clinton - Dashlane Passholes of 2016

If you think we should make passwords strong again, it’s time to cast your vote! Click here to vote for John Podesta as the #1 P@asshole of 2016!

National Football League (NFL) - Dashlane Passholes 2016

Think the NFL really fumbled the ball with their social media passwords? Click here to vote for the NFL as the #1 P@sshole of 2016!

Houston Astros - Dashlane Passholes of 2016

If you think the Houston Astros hit a foul ball, vote for them as the No. 1 P@assholes of the year! Click here to cast your vote. 

Tech Breaches - Dashlane Passholes of 2016

If you’d like to give these popular websites a thumb down for their massive data breaches, click here to vote for them as the #1 Passholes of 2016!

Harry Styles of One Direction - Dashlane Passholes of 2016

Think Harry Style’s passwords went in the wrong direction this year? Make him the No. 1 P@sshole of 2016! Click here to cast your vote. 
Tom Hiddleston - Dashlane Passholes 2016
If you think Tom Hiddleston’s social media debut was swiftly overshadowed by hackers, click here to vote for him as the No. 1 Passhole of 2016!

Jack Johnson - Dashlane Passholes 2016

Do you agree that Jack doesn’t know jack about password security? Then vote for him as the No. 1 P@sshole of 2016! Click here to vote now!

Although we’re having a bit of fun recapping the password blunders of celebrities and organizations, each and every one of us has a story about seriously struggling with memorizing and/or managing our passwords at some point or another. Celebrities–like the rest of us–also must deal with a broken system that demands imperfect human beings to meticulously manage passwords for every online banking, social media, email, and dozens of other online accounts we have.

With hundreds of online accounts, we tend to use shortcuts–like making shorter weaker passwords or writing them down on a sheet of paper–for convenience at the cost of our data security. Luckily, we have the answer to the “password problem”, and it’s much easier to implement than you think. Here are some quick tips to help you, and all of the celebrities on our list, avoid becoming p@ssholes next year:

  1. Create Strong Passwords – Your passwords should be like Kanye West album titles… completely random and impossible to guess. Don’t use passwords that are easy to guess, such as ones with common names or things people know about you. Your passwords should be at least 8 characters long and include a mix of random letters, numbers, and symbols. If you’re struggling to make and remember a complicated password, check out this handy password mnemonics trick!
  1. Different Password for Every Account – Treat your passwords like a celebrity treats an outfit; never use it twice. If a hacker gets access to a password that you’re reusing then they have access to all of your accounts. Having a unique password for every account ensures that even if one is breached, others will be secure.
  1. Two-Factor Authentication – This is like hiring another bodyguard and ensures that even if someone does get your password, they can’t access your account without a second form of authentication, such as a text message code or email link.
  1. Get a Password Manager! – Password managers like Dashlane simplify all of the items above by creating and storing strong passwords for all of your accounts.

For more useful tips on how to protect your digital identity, check out these helpful articles on our blog!

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