Dashlane got a big shout-out on  NBC’s Today Show this morning! While we’re (obviously) thrilled to be Financial editor Jean Chatzky‘s password memory program of choice, it also tugs at our heartstrings to hear a topic as important as data security being discussed on morning television.

As noted in the segment, the Identity Theft Resource Center released statistics stating there were 619 data breaches in 2013. With a reported 157 data breaches to date for 2014, it seems personal data security is a free-for-all…but it’s not. There are ways to protect your online assets, and Jean has all your bases covered.

She offers expert tips for what to do if one of your accounts is breached, and what to do to prevent it from happening – such as using Dashlane, a free password memory program, to create and remember strong passwords for your online accounts.

Think you’re up to speed with the expert’s advice on financial data security? Watch the segment below, and put your knowledge to the test by following along with Jean’s quiz:

Password Memory Keeper

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