The 7 Core Values That Fuel Dashlane’s Engineering Culture

At Dashlane, we have 7 core values that appear on our walls and that make up our culture. It is not enough to have them on the wall. The hard part is to try to live by them every day in our work.

Defining company values is an interesting exercise, but sometimes, it feels a bit abstract. So the Dashlane Engineering team decided to think about how those 7 values would translate into actual concrete ideas and practices, applied to Engineering.

For each value, we formulated 2 to 3 associated principles.

1. Ambition
– Dream Big: We aim for the best
– Define our definition of “Awesome’
– Growing the people and growing the team

2. Passion
– Passion for our product
– Passion for our technology
– Avoid too much compromise and sacrifice can kill our passion and pleasure

3. Ownership
– Value initiative from all team members
– Work as autonomous teams
– Celebrate success & learn from our failures

4. Transparency
– Trust people and share information
– Build communication networks

5. Team First
– At all levels: Agile team, department, company, etc.
– Egoless culture
– Empathy: Care about our teammates

6. No Politics
– No secret agenda
– No favoritism
– No puppet master

7. Raise the F* Bar
– Experiment: Be focused more on innovation than predictability
– Take risks
– Be better today than yesterday

Why is it worth trying to identify our values and to reflect on the subject? I think it helps us with the following:

– Reminding: A value can be a reminder of how to act in a given situation.

– Guiding: Values are like a compass and allow us to make decisions more easily within our current activity.

– Focusing: Values help us to keep the focus on what is important.

– Inspiring: A value can be an inspiring purpose for our whole company, department or team.

– Influencing: Clear values can influence our behavior at work and can be a force behind our motivation, commitment, and productivity.

– Reflecting: Values are part of our identity and our culture.

Find below our own modest attempt at creating a Dashlane Engineering Culture Book.