We are passionate about what we do. We believe what we do matters.

Elon Musk is an extremely successful man, but how has he succeeded? He’s definitely smart, but also extremely passionate. From a young age, engineering has been his true love and he uses this passion to build his fortune. When NASA engineers and his own team said it was impossible to build and launch rockets for less than $100M dollars, he learned Rocket Propulsion engineering and used LeapMotion to aid his CAD design for the Falcon 1 to launch it for under $20M.

Like Elon Musk, the Dashlane team is built with people who are wildly passionate. From passion to delight our users, to our passions outside of work, we crave success in any of our pursuits. We’re all passionate about the product, not just because we work here, but because we feel that it’s our responsibility to change how the internet is used. You shouldn’t work for a consumer tech startup or any company for that matter, if you don’t love the product or service. We strive for a user experience that’s unrivaled and to create this product that integrates our users’ digital identity seamlessly and securely. We all share a vision for making the internet safer and simpler to navigate and our product is that vehicle.

We’re intensely focused on creating a better product and through our own use, we offer insights to product and our engineering team to build a better product. Whether you’re a marketer, user support representative, recruiter, business developer, engineer or product manager, your product feedback is respected and considered. You will have a direct impact on product design and User Experience.

In addition to passion for our product, our passions outside of work are diverse, ranging from hackathons to martini clubs to karaoke singing. Our QA Manager, Raph, typifies this attitude. He got interested in Krav Maga and took that to the next level. He became an expert and now teaches lessons, including impromptu ones to ELB, our analytics lead, who wanted to test him randomly and felt the consequences of his actions. In addition, Raph is very passionate about tattoos. When he decided to get some more, he sought a top artist, in Madrid and spent over 20 hours getting sleeves on both arms.side-1

Passion, as well represented by Raph, is a requirement for our culture and we look for evidence of it as we evaluate our new hires. Our mission isn’t easy and people aren’t watching the clock, but working until they feel they’ve made meaningful progress toward the mission of making Dashlane core to the Internet and IoT.