Ambition: We want to transform the experience of digital identity and payments for tens of millions of people around the world. Anything short of that is failure.

Dashlane was created on the basis of ambition. It’s in our DNA. Our company was founded by Bernard Liautaud, who had already created and sold his first business for $7 billion dollars, but wanted to give back more to the world.

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As predicted by Netscape founder, internet pioneer and A16Z Venture Capital fund founder, Marc Andreessen, “Software is eating the world,” and there’s an increasing amount and variety of software eating the world. You have Web 2.0, the Social Web (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin, Pinterest) and the Internet of Things (IoT): Wearables (FitBit, Jawbone, iWatch, Pebble), Media (AppleTV, ChromeCast, Jambox), Home Automation (Philips Hue) and Smart Appliances (Nest). These types of platforms have created more complexity around the digital identity and ownership over one’s data. In this new world, it takes vision and drive to tackle a problem where the rewards are great, but the risks are greater.  As the cost of breaches continues to mount – think about the recent hack involving Jeep’s connected car, which necessitated recalling 1.2 M vehicles for a software patch – the consequences of failure are immense.

Ambition typifies every aspect of #LifeInTheDashlane. We strive to be integral to the Internet’s core infrastructure and its 3 Billion+ users, tying these platforms and experiences together, by allowing secure and seamless account creation, logging in and form filling (using our proprietary semantics engine) across all software and IoT platforms. It’s a new industry that’s not well defined and we believe our approach is novel. We want to redefine how people use the internet and manage their digital identity, while being a thought leader in this emerging industry that can inspire others. There is no playbook for this and we need creativity and ambition to help create one, so that in the near future, people will include us when they say they want to be the next Dropbox, Uber, or Dashlane.ambition 2

While leadership is often viewed as top down, at Dashlane it takes a different form. Our engineering team exemplifies the ambition and leadership that drives Dashlane. The engineers have a culture of continuous improvement. Our Android lead engineer, Tancho, started working on the Android app at the time when we didn’t have the resources to market it aggressively. He demonstrated leadership and ambition by building relationships with people at Google and gaining traction for the Android app in the Google Play store to market the product himself. He isn’t a marketer, but he took initiative and the company is growing because of his efforts.

The entire company is composed of these like-minded individuals who strive to create a better company and product. Everyone says they want to be successful, but to achieve this desire requires the willingness to hustle. With our founders and leaders having such distinguished pedigrees, success isn’t measured in millions of dollars, but impacting billions of users’ lives.

Ambitious people will flourish here. We are hungry for success and are looking for people who share in this hunger.