It’s a distant memory, computers before the Internet…

Some of us were alive to see the days, though not old enough to remember very much. For others, pre-Internet computers are likely what got us so fascinated with tech to begin with.

Just for fun, I polled our office to find out what we used computers for before the Internet came around and changed everything. Here’s what we came up with!

Minesweeper: Captivating in 1996, it’s likely to bore kids to death today.

Tetris: Always relevant.

The Oregon Trail: Where you likely get dysentery and die.

Number Munchers: Learn math, munch some numbers.

Solitaire: How we killed time before Facebook.

When MS Paint looked like this:

And it was used to make Pixel Art by the pros:

Who were also making ASCII art:

That they likely printed on the Dot Matrix.

(Let’s pause for a shiver while we all remember that sound.)

MS Encarta: Wikipedia of the 90s.

And let’s not forget Mindmaze, more games that make you smarter.


It’s likely that if you remember any of these games or that version of Paint, you had a plastic storage box full of these, too:

The 8-inch, 5 14-inch, and 3 12-inch floppy disks

a.k.a. The Floppy, The Hard Floppy, and The Hard Disc (at least to my computer teacher 😉

What did you use computers for before the Internet came along? Share your favorites/additions in the comments!