Dashlane and Intel join forces to bring built-in password protection to PCs

Today, we’re excited to announce upcoming support for Intel® Software Guard Extensions (SGX)–a powerful new security technology built into all 7th Gen Intel® Core™ processors, making it possible to protect your passwords with hardware-enhanced security — something that’s never been possible on PCs before. In the event of yet another massive data breach, this backend

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Introducing Dashlane’s Top 10 Celebrity P@ssholes™ of the Year

Updated: 12/19/2016

What do Drake, Kylie Jenner, John Podesta, and the NFL have in common? Aside from millions of Twitter followers, these high-profile celebrities and organizations made the biggest password fails of 2016, but they also highlight the importance of strong passwords in protecting our digital lives.

Below, we’ve listed the 10 people and organizations who’ve made our inaugural Celebrity P@ssholes list, but we need your help selecting the #1 P@sshole of 2016! To cast your vote for the #1 p@sshole of the year, tweet us (@Dashlane) the name of the celebrity or organization of your choice using the hashtag #DashlanePassholes. You can also cast your vote by clicking the orange links under each image! We’ll announce the winner in a blog post at the beginning of 2017!

Who do you think should be this year’s #1 Dashlane P@sshole of 2016?

Drake, Katy Perry, & OurMine Victims
Tech Leaders (Facebook, Twitter, Spotify, Google, Uber)
Kylie Jenner
John Podesta
The Houston Astros
Tech Breaches (AdultFriendFinder, Dropbox, LinkedIn, MySpace, Yahoo)
Harry Styles
Tom Hiddleston
Jack Johnson

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