[Press Release] A New Study Reveals Extremes People Go To for Online Protection

New Study from Dashlane Reveals Extremes People will go to for Online Protection, 

Shortcomings of Steps They Take to Secure Themselves

NEW YORK – You read that right. According to an online survey among over 2,000 U.S. adults conducted by Harris Poll on behalf of Dashlane, the leader in online identity and password management, nearly four in ten Americans (39%) would sacrifice sex for one year if it meant they never had to worry about being hacked, having their identity stolen, or their accounts breached. With a new hack or breach making news almost daily, people are constantly being reminded about the importance of secure passwords, yet some are still not following proper password protocol.Continue Reading →

Dashlane Launches Inbox Scan: Identify Email Vulnerabilities in Seconds [PRESS RELEASE]

NEW YORK – Dashlane, the world’s leading password manager, announces Inbox Scan; a new service that scans email accounts for passwords and other private data. Inboxes contain personal information that is a hacker’s gold mine. The plain-text passwords and login credentials that amass in email make it a frequent and easy target. Once they have these “keys”

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Dashlane Study Reveals 86% Unable to Recall Internet’s Devastating Heartbleed Bug [PRESS RELEASE]

NEW YORK – Last April researchers discovered the Heartbleed security bug. Dubbed “the most dangerous security flaw on the web”; it affected over 500,000 websites and dominated national news for weeks. One year later, a new Dashlane study finds that an alarming 86% of Americans have not heard of Heartbleed. Concerned by the growing frequency

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