Express Day at Dashlane: How We Built a Dozen Features Within a Day

At Dashlane, we think autonomy and innovation are key factors for success. Autonomy of teams and autonomy of people allow us to reduce waste and increase team satisfaction, for example, by not validating every decision with the top management. We also believe that autonomy is required for innovation. People & teams can only innovate if they have the freedom to experiment with things they think matter, in their own way.

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What You Should Know about Dashlane’s Patented Security Architecture

Patented Security Architecture

Security at Dashlane has always been a very strong focus of our Engineering team. As a leading password manager, Dashlane is responsible for the safety of the data of millions of users. In order to protect our user’s’ data, we take security into account at every stage of our software development, including the design of our architecture, coding and code reviews, tests, and security audits; security is also a major factor in our product specification, design, communication, and documentation.Continue Reading →